Friday, November 20, 2009

Seven Quick Takes Friday --11/20

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1. My face is healing. A couple of scabs fell off yesterday, including the one in the middle of my upper lip -- man, was that a relief! -- and a chunk of the one on the bridge of my nose, where they almost but not quite decided to put in a stitch. That one wasn't quite so great, since it was apparently holding something together, and the spot oozed for half the night. But it is better today, and doesn't stick out so far.

2. On the other hand, I am incredibly tired and achy today. I expect that I've been just as achy all week, but the ibuprofen I've been taking for my face covered it up. Maybe I'll go take some now....

3. Tomorrow night I am going with other members of our choir to see a local theater guild's production of Godspell. Even though that is a pretty iconic show for my generation -- and I was at least marginally one of the "Jesus People" in my day, and own the album shown in the link -- I've never actually seen a production. To be honest I probably wouldn't bother this time, but since our choir director has the lead role....

4. Brandon just emailed us his flight itinerary for his Christmas leave. He flies in to December 19th, and leaves again on January 3rd. That sounds like lots of time now, but it won't feel like it then. Miriel, on the other hand, has until the beginning of February free, which will be wonderful! I've been cooking madly to be sure she has lots of favorite dinners on this Thanksgiving break. I'm hoping she'll cook a meal or two in the darks of January. It's so much fun that all my daughters are good cooks!

5. Actually, Brandon is a good cook too. It's just that his repertoire is limited to things that he likes, which is a rather small subset of everything out there. But what he does he does well. And there are never any surprises, like the time Tirienne made an "Oreo cake" and dyed the filling purple and the frosting fuchsia. Tasted great with your eyes shut!

6. We got our new phone book today, by the put-it-in-an-orange-bag-and-throw-it-on-the-front-porch method. It will be interesting to go up and down the street and see how many empty houses have orange bags on their porches! If there are a bunch, I might go collect one, so that in the new house we can have a book in the kitchen and one in the office. Kelson scorns paper directories, calling them "old tech", but so far I can find a number at least as fast as he can dig it up online.

7. I need to finish up at the computer and go sit in the living room, so that I will know immediately when my kids and grandkids arrive. The plan was to travel during Blaise's nap time, so I'd better get going. See ya tomorrow!

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