Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random 2.0

Maggie is home from college, and she and I were talking this morning before she headed out to help with her best friend from high school's engagement party. Maggie is part of the reason this couple is engaged -- there was a time when they weren't talking to each other, but they were both talking to her. Whatever the problem was (and I have absolutely no idea), Maggie's good sense and insight helped them work it out. I'm excited for them!

Anyway, I was sitting at the computer (playing Peggle, of course) and mentioned to Maggie that I should post to this blog, but I didn't always feel like I had the time or energy to do anything but ramble. Her response was "But Mom, at least when you ramble it's coherent and has proper grammar and spelling, so it's still easy to read." So I'm rambling!

Katie's graduation from high school is next Tuesday, and we will have the joy and pleasure of having all our children there, even George. Slightly to my surprise, he chose to take his summer leave now, instead of at his birthday in August. And Arwen, Bryan, and Camilla, and Rosie, Anthony and Daniel will be making the 90+ minute drive to be here. And then they'll all come again on the weekend so that we can celebrate Fathers' Day a week early. Rumor is that Anthony is bringing steaks "imported" from his family's ranch in Idaho, so we will eat well!

I also have a new musical group that I need to learn more about. This morning while Katie was mopping the kitchen floor, she put on some music from George's iPod, and I discovered that DaVinci's Notebook, whose Title of the Song I have always found wonderful and hilarious, is totally a capella -- I'm a big Rockapella fan, (and also The Swingle Singers, for anybody that old) -- so I've got to hear more. I may have a new favorite!

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Random Explanations

I would try to explain why the Katie#4 post is still not done, except that anything I said would be an out-and-out lie ("Giant tarantulas ate our house!") or a rationalization ("Well, um, I'm not sleeping very well because of the hot flashes, and so when I sit down to the computer I really NEED to play more Peggle because that rests my brain and anyway... You get the idea.)

But the truth of the matter is that I simply haven't disciplined myself to sit down and keep writing. I am a slacker in this area. Which is no surprise; I have always been a slacker in some area or other, and as I gain discipline in one place, it pops up somewhere else. But I am RESOLVED to conquer it here. [I think I've said that at least once already :-( ]

In place, therefore, of the next installment of Katie (on which I will work after I post this) I am going to list all the extra things I've been doing that I could but won't use as excuses.

1) cooking several meals for the judges and officials when my kids' band hosted the state festival
2) the very next day, singing in the
choir at two masses, because our parish splits first communion to make room for all the relatives
3) attending the out-of-town wedding of a dear family friend
4) goofing off playing Peggle.

These are obviously not good enough excuses. So I'll be back.