Monday, May 23, 2011

Word and Question 12

It's another one of those poems... Unlike Lindsay, who is hosting this month, I'm not sure my poem has progressed beyond "a valiant failure", but it's what I've got.....


I know my tuna was hanging here....
I caught it myself on yesterday's cruise.
(I saved for the ticket for a year.)
The ocean was gorgeous with greens and blues.

It gave me a run -- I'd say "for my money"
But just to be there was dollars well spent.
The sky was clear and the day was sunny --
It caught my hook and away it went.

I reeled it in (I'll spare you the details)
And we threw it on ice till we came ashore.
(Do you know how much a fish like that retails?
It was worth my ticket price plus some more.)

I hung it up here last night to cure it.
(It's scheduled for dinner; I'll freeze a bunch too.)
But it's gone and I need your help looking for it.....

Well, I'll be hornswaggled!

It was you!

Word: Hornswaggle
Question: Who ate my fish?

Thursday, May 12, 2011

It's a Boy! And another boy!

Arwen and Bryan's twins were born early this morning! Linus Michael and Ambrose John are 5 1/2 pounds each and doing well, though they'll be in the NICU until it's clear that they have all the skills necessary to handle life outside, since they were born at just over 34 weeks. I am hanging out with Camilla and Blaise until the twins come home, and then I'll be back after Bryan goes back to work. I love being a grandma!

Monday, May 02, 2011

Word and Question 11

So, this poem is late, (which I understand earns me hosting duties for June.) It is not what I want it to be, but then, this is just a game, right? Right? So I am resigning myself to coming in last in every sense of the word.

The Voyager

I knew a seaman once, an ancient chap;
Laconic, but, with prompting he would tell
Of ports, and girls (as every sailor will,)
Strange cargoes, favorite ships, or storms at sea.

One evening, late, (and he was in his cups)
Out poured a story that I'd never heard:
"She was a beauty, was my ship, the Dawn.
And we were all a crew of volunteers.
A royal ship! The captains name was Drin
(Or so we called him --never to his face!)
At any rate, the day that I signed on
They said there might be perils, and there were!
But marvels too, both fair and evil. When
We'd sailed so far the water was not deep
Enough to float us, one brave soul --
A talking mouse (those were quite common, then.) --
Launched out his tiny craft, and paddled on.
We turned for home. Ah, this was long ago..."

The sailor's voice by then had sunk quite low
And I can not be sure what else he said,
But, were I pressed, then I would quote him thus:
"I wish I could have traveled on with him."

Word: laconic
Question: How far east have you been?