Monday, July 26, 2010

Daybook -- 7/26/10

Outside my window... the sunflowers are drooping. We had a couple of very hot days at the end of last week. It is cooler now, but many of the plants still look like they'd like a nap.

I am thinking...that I hope I can focus on the things I need to do this week, and not the irrational worry that keeps nagging at my mind. My life would be so much easier if I could shed this anxiety disorder for good, instead of just keeping it at bay.

I am thankful for... the tools that let me deal with anxiety without dissolving in a puddle. Until I was diagnosed twelve years ago, I would have periods when I was paralyzed by anxiety, eventually reaching panic attack levels. Now I'm mostly fine, with occasional bouts like this one.

From the kitchen... well, I microwaved the
sauerkraut for the bratwurst Roger grilled. And I set the table. Does that count?

I am wearing... a turquoise t-shirt, blue and turquoise flowered capris, and tan sandals.

I am creating... settings for the Gospel antiphons for the next quarter. They sneaked up on me again, and I wish I had the whole three-year cycle done. But every time we get a new priest, the expectations change. I think this round will finish it, but it's hard to know.

I am going... to the library again but not tonight. Why is it that when I place holds on several books, they each become available right after I pick up the last one? Sometimes I've made two library runs in one day. Sigh.

I am reading... Deceiver, the latest of the Foreigner series I first mentioned here. (That was the last trip to the library.) The Sara Rosett book in this post was also good, and I'm moving on to the rest of the series. It's not "great literature", but so refreshing to read a novel where the characters are looking for a church in their new town, and say a prayer when they hear someone's in the hospital. Not explicitly Christian like Jan Karon's books, but more like me than not.

I am hoping...that I can figure out which things on the grocery list are needs, and which are wants. And which are a mistake. I now have four bottles of A-1 Sauce, because I forgot where I keep my extras in this house, and bought extra extras. But at a good deal.....

I am hearing... music on Kelson's computer. I don't recognize it, but that's not unusual. And it's neither too loud or too raucous. So I guess it's DIY Muzak...

Around the house... the day is winding down. Roger is at Bible study, I have just one more thing to do after this, and Kelson has plans to go long-boarding, which may or may not happen.

One of my favorite things... is Lindt 70% dark chocolate. But I've had my square for today.

A few plans for the rest of the week: grocery shopping, and a trip to see the grandchildren. And Miriel comes home!!

Words I'm pondering : "If your son asks for a fish, will you give him a snake?" I wish I trusted God as much as I should. And that would help with the anxiety, too.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... our grandson Matthew turned two yesterday, and his party will be next weekend so that "Aunt Mi-wa" can be there. And of course the cake will feature "tankem enin"! This is for you, Matthew!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Big Boat Race Final

Well, the big boat race has ended. I suppose I'll follow it again next year, but I have decided the details are too confusing for me. Bryan's dad's boat came in in the middle of its class, but lost a couple of places because of some handicapping system that I don't care about learning. The rival boat had a faster "corrected time", so I guess they will gloat again...

Next year I will just follow one boat, and say "Yay, they're there!" and be done with it. Or not.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Big Boat Race Update

Well, it appears that I was left out of the loop on an important piece of information -- Bryan's dad's boat has changed racing classes. Their previous class was determined strictly by length, and some of the gung-ho racers in that class strip their boats down as much as possible, to make them lighter and quicker. Bryan's dad and his co-owner, although they like a good race and wouldn't miss this one for anything (including Branwen and Larry's wedding!), also like to use the boat for pleasure cruises. This means that there's a stove in the galley, storage lockers full of non-essential gear, and so on. So they decided to switch classes to one based more on the weight of the boat.

So far this looks to be paying off. The GPS shows them right in the thick of their class, with more boats behind than ahead, and anything possible. This is being a relatively slow race; only about half a dozen boats in ANY class have rounded the buoy which marks the "corner" of the race route. And the perennial rival is behind them. Of course, the start is by classes, and the rival started 10 minutes later. But to my eyes on the map, they look to be more that 10 minutes behind. I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Big Boat Race

Normally, I pay no attention at all to boat races. Brandon has been enjoying crewing for a friend this summer in Duluth, and various kids have sailed various races on the boats of their friends' families. But aside from asking whether they had a good time, I'm not much concerned with the results.

But one weekend a year, that changes. I live "within spittin' distance" of the start of this race, which draws boats from all over the Great Lakes and some from beyond. Furthermore, Bryan's dad (Arwen's FIL) co-owns and crews one of the boats which regularly participates. They don't win (OK they won their division once or so) but for these particular guys a "win" consists of finishing ahead of their uber-rival, a boat in the same division from the same boat club.

For some reason this has captured my imagination. So every year I go to the tracking site -- modern GPS technology is great! -- and breathlessly follow the course of "our" boat and "their" boat. And then it's over, and I sigh or cheer, and go back to being indifferent to boating for another year. Anybody who knows why, feel free to let me know!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Daybook -- 7/12/10

Outside my window... is a gray and cloudy day. And cool! We had a massive thunder storm last night, which dropped the temperature a good 15 degrees. Marvelous! And the forecast for today is cloudy, with scattered showers.

I am thinking... that it has been a long time since I did a "proper" blog post. But this will have to do..

I am thankful for... the cooler weather! My hot-weather clothing options are somewhat more limited than for cooler seasons, and today I got to wear whatever I wanted without worrying about the sweat factor.

From the kitchen... pork sausage and rice casserole. It's one of Kelson's favorites, and a cooler day makes it just the thing.

I am wearing... navy scoop-neck tshirt, khaki pants, tan sandals, and the lapis lazuli earrings that Roger got for me at the Feast of the Sainte Claire.

I am creating... menu plans and shopping lists. I have a shawl I'm crocheting, but it's just been too hot... Maybe today.

I am going... nowhere today, since Roger's car is having brake work done and he has mine. But that is fine with me!

I am reading... Moving is Murder (A Mom Zone Mystery) by Sara Rosett. A friend read a later book in the series and recommended them. But since I'm only on page 7 I can't say anything specific.

I am hoping...that it stays cool all day. And that there's a dry period where I can go for my walk.

I am hearing... traffic outside my windows. A bit splashy sounding because of all the rainwater from last night.

Around the house... Kelson is sleeping. Since school ended, he has become almost completely nocturnal. I know it goes with the age group (I was that way myself), but it drives me a little bit crazy.

One of my favorite things... is my couch that we got when we moved. It's a sectional with recliners at both ends and a giant hassock that fits into the center curve. Dark brown, chenille-type fabric, cushy and wonderful. I'm going to sit there and do my daily study disciplines as soon as I finish this post.

A few plans for the rest of the week: not much, which is a change and a relief. Grocery shopping, and all the rest of my regular routine.

Words I'm pondering : "Do I have to?' "OK, if I hafta, I'm gonna." This is my current "translation" of Jesus' words in Gethesmane: "Father, if it be possible let this cup pass..." and "Not my will, but Thine be done." I am finding this better understanding of Jesus' human side incredibly helpful and comforting in some current curcumstances.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... some days it feels like this is how my mind works...

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Word and Question 2

Another round of poetry from Shredded Cheddar.

Word: snakeskin
Question: What can I see from here?

Postcard to Grandpa

We're on vacation in the West.
The tombstones say who's laid to rest --
"Jesse James lies here"; I bet it's true!

Our cowboy hats are hot but fun.
We like to wear them in the sun
And Daddy says we'll bring one home for you.

We heard six-shooters: Bang, bang, BANG!
Mom held her ears, but I said "Dang!"
And got a "look" from Mom I didn't like.

Dad bought us all bandannas, too.
Jacob's is red, and mine is blue.
When I get home I'll tie it on my bike,

This postcard shows "The Trading Post";
The thing in here I like the most
Is in the left top corner -- can you guess?!

No, not the hatchet or the bow.
I like the snakeskin down below!
Oops; out of room. I love you, Grandpa! -- Jess