Monday, March 03, 2014

Seven in Seven Fail

7 Posts in 8(sigh) Days part 7

 Actually, I don't even care that much.  I knew last night that I wasn't going to finish on time, and I sat and played Candy Crush and didn't even try.  I guess I am not cut out to be a frequent blogger, even with prompts and peer pressure.

Stephanie, your cookies will go in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday.  I'll see the rest of you around sometime, I guess...

Saturday, March 01, 2014

Sloppy Saturday -- The Birthday Celebration Continues

7 Posts in 7 Days part 6

Branwen and her family are here.  Today we went shopping for my dress for Tirienne's wedding.  It looks like I'll have to make it. No surprise.  Then we went out to dinner at Freighters and came home to eat homemade Chocolate Truffle Pie for dessert.  And now I'm going back to my wine.  See you tomorrow!