Sunday, August 21, 2011

Word and Question 15

This is my entry into the August round of Playing Poetry started by Enbrethiliel of Shredded Cheddar. This month is hosted by vvb32 reads, and you should head here to see links to the other entries. (You'll have to go to the comments to see the links.)

The theme for this month was "thriller, supernatural, horror" and we were asked to submit prompts in that genre. Since I'm generally a "scaredy-cat", my poem leans toward the "supernatural" end of things.


I'm sure there are fairies
Around here somewhere.
When I was little
I saw them all the time:
Dancing in the garden,
Flitting above Mother's head
And winking at me,
Reflected in the mirror
In my room.

But Sister says
There are no fairies.
Only butterflies and shadows
And "figments of my imagination."
And she knows a lot.
She's old enough
To go to grade school now --
She reads these great big books
And thinks she knows it all.

But does she?
I just can't be sure.
Last night I'm pretty sure I saw
A fairy at the bottom of the stairs.
The fairy beckoned me
To come up to the attic where it's dark
And quiet. Sister thinks
It's damp and dusty so she won't
Go up there..... But I might.

Word: attic
Question: Where did they go?

Monday, August 08, 2011


A little foray into a meme with even simpler prompts than a daybook.... HT to Chunky Monkey

dinner for a friend who recently lost her husband.

(Not)Cooking(for us): leftovers recycled into steak salads

Reading: The Healing Presence by Leanne Payne

Wanting: more hours in the day

Looking: at the clock -- see above.

Playing: nothing. But I recently got a high score at Zuma Blitz.

Wasting: premium tea by tossing it now that it's tepid.

Sewing: thrift store pants for Kelson. Let out one pair, take in the other. Hem both

Wishing: for more time to read.

Enjoying: the cool evening breeze. (Sorry, Southern readers!)

Praying: for someone who is really hurting emotionally.

Waiting: for Roger to get home from Bible study so we can walk the dog.

Wondering: how well I will sleep tonight. Last night wasn't so good.

Loving: Roger, my children and grandchildren.

Hoping: that tomorrow's activities go smoothly.

Marveling: at how much I got done today.

Needing: sleep, please.

Wearing: white shorts, turquoise T and socks, black walking shoes.

Following: my family (and some other cool people) on Twitter.

Noticing: dust on my desk. Oops.

Knowing: that I'm still not as old as I feel right now.

Thinking: that I should be more diligent in doing my exercises.

Bookmarking: my novel
, which I haven't had a chance to read at all today. (The Corpse Wore Tartan.)

my mouth in a yawn.

because I always get silly when I'm tired.

blessed to have such small worries as I do!