Monday, March 03, 2008

Quick hello!

I am working on my third post about Katie. I would like to get through all the kids' biographies before anything major changes! But I am dealing with a Katie-induced flurry of costume production and modification (stay tuned for details) and I simply can't do as much as I'd like to.

However, several people have gently inquired as to how I can read in the shower. There are two facets to this: 1) non-valuable lightweight books and 2) long arms. I hold the book in my left hand and wash with my right. I don't usually read while I'm washing my hair, but since it's almost to my waist and is rather a production to wash, I only do it three times a week.

I honestly didn't know this was strange until I was out of college and mentioned it to my roommate. I had always read in the bathtub at home -- we didn't have a shower -- and kept it up in the showers in college, because it was always smart to take a book along anyway since you might have to wait for the few showers per floor. And I couldn't carry a big, heavy textbook down there, so light reading was permissible!

Actually, I guess I should just admit that I'm a book junkie. I have even read while kneading bread dough. (Not such a good idea. Do not try this at home!) If you have any further questions, just ask! And I hope to be back shortly with Katie #3.


Jen said...

I am looking forward to Katie #3.

And, yes, I was wondering how you read in the shower. I don't do that, but I do have to struggle not to read while I am driving if I have a book in the car. I had to switch to audio books only in the car.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

I'll have to try this reading in the shower. I have always read in the tub too. I love to read too. Wish I had more time to do it. Thanks for the explanation.

ellen said...

Just realized I never made it over here from Google Reader to comment like I'd meant to.

Thanks for the tips! I think I'll leave the reading in the shower to you, though . . . I am impressed with your capabilities!

Looking forward to Katie #3. :)