Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Road Trip!

I am posting this quickly before we hop into our trusty van (well, trusty $2,600 later..) and head for Florida. We are very excited to see Maggie graduate, especially as she informed us yesterday that she is Valedictorian!! Which means that all her friends are kicked back doing nothing today, and she is writing a speech.

I would prefer to be writing a speech rather than sitting in the van for 24 hours over two days, but at least I get to fly home. We will be driving from north of Detroit almost to the southern tip of Florida. And no stays at Disney :-( Even if we were going to pass by there we would have no time to stop -- sorry, Jen -- because we are leaving about 8 hours behind our original schedule so that Tommy can take the AP calculus exam. Cheap college credit trumps not driving late into the night!

I hope to post again Sunday night or Monday, just to let you know how it all went (and maybe put up some pictures, if I can get a resident techie to help). Have a wonderful Mothers' Day!


Tracy said...

Congrats to the valedictorian - that's an incredible achievement. Say hi to Florida for me, I'll be seeing it sometime this year.

Jen said...

How did you know I was about to say that?