Monday, June 08, 2009

15 Minute Follies

It has been suggested by several people that I try the fifteen minute method of blogging -- set a timer for fifteen minutes, start typing, and don't stop until the timer goes off. I have no idea how well this will work for me, since I am a six-fingered (at best) typist, and I rather suspect the rule was invented for the ten-fingered, but I'm going to give it a try......

Today was a typical Monday around here, which is to say busy with many things, few of them routine. All of the other week days have their regularly scheduled chores: Tuesday is laundry, Wednesday is bathroom cleaning, and so on. Theoretically Monday is my "day off" -- which is sort of silly if Sunday has been calm -- but today was filled to the brim.

First up was dinner prep. Sometimes I do something simple on Mondays, but since Katie is leaving for the summer on Friday, I am doing her favorites this week. Today was Pork Fried Rice and egg rolls. The egg rolls I buy from Sam's Club, but the fried rice is from scratch. As I often do -- I think it comes from having worked in a restaurant -- I did all the chopping and pre-cooking first thing this morning. Then I shoved it in the fridge and didn't have to think about it again until 25 minutes before dinner time. I like having a "prep cook", even if she's me.

Next I prepared to lead Noon Prayer on Wednesday. I regularly go to a 12:15 PM Eucharist, but the pastor is going to be out of town this week, so I will be leading Noon Prayer, which consists of a number of Scripture readings plus our regular list of intercessions. I could just wing it and it would probably be OK, but I like to feel like I put some effort into it.

After lunch I finished altering a dress which Katie bought at a bargain price from Target's website. If she'd had to pay a dressmaker it would have at least tripled the cost, but Mom works for free! After that I picked up Tommy from drumline tryouts, dropped him at work, and went to the library. All by myself! I also took a fitness walk by the river, then came home and made dinner. Most recently I wrote a couple of thank you notes, and then I blogged. Time's up!

It took me another five minutes to get this fit to publish, but I think the 15 minute thing may work out if I don't have any better ideas.


Ted said...

"I like having a 'prep cook', even if she's me."


For some reason this made me smile - perfect way to end the work day :-)

Tracy said...

did he make drumline? Or has he already been in drumline?

leaving for the summer? how many children are going to be left? Just one?

Jen said...

You have the same routine tasks as me on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Homemade fried rice is wonderful! You should try homemade egg rolls too, if you've already got the stuff chopped up for the rice it wouldn't be much more work.

blog nerd said...

Yay for 15 minutes! Write on.