Saturday, August 08, 2009

Fifteen Minute Inane Ramble

So I feel the need to get another post up this week, but I don't have a specific topic. I think maybe this defeats the purpose of the 15 minute thing, where you write for 15 minutes about a topic and see what comes out, but I'm going to fly with it anyway...

Today we went to a 90th birthday party for an old (ok, ok, longtime) friend. Dan was the "corresponding secretary" for our Right to Life chapter for about fifteen years. This meant that he was also the newsletter mailing team. For several of those years, what he actually did was "nag" us (ever so nicely!) to actually publish a regular newsletter. Once he got his way on that, every other month Roger would write and format a four-page newsletter, and Dan would see to the printing, folding, stapling, addressing and mailing. The hilarious part for me was that each of them thought the other one had the hard job! I guess that was a perfect division of labor.

Dan's been "re-retired' for a number of years now. (He was retired from work before he took on the newsletter job.) He's getting slower and well, he's not exactly frail, but closer to that then he used to be. So for this occasion all his children and their spouses, all but one of his grandchildren and their spouses, and all his great-grandchildren (and we're talking a lot of people here) converged on his house for a party. They rented two tents for the back yard, which was good, because it poured rain the entire day. But inside the tents there was lots of food, family, and friends. All in all, I think that amounted to sunshine. Happy 90th Birthday, Dan!

(There I did come up with a topic! See y'all in a few....)

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Jen said...

That sounds like a lovely party! Ninety is pretty impressive, especially if you are still doing so well.