Friday, October 30, 2009

Seven (Very) Quick Takes, mostly about the dryer.

1. We got a new dryer today. Ours has been moribund for a couple of months -- after at least four repairs over the years -- and on Wednesday decided to stop heating forever, thank you. So we got a new one.

2. To make it a little easier, a new dryer was in the plan. We were expecting to get it delivered directly to the new house for simplicity's sake, but are glad we have it here.

3. The reason it would have been simpler to have it delivered directly to the new house involves our doors. This house is over 100 years old, and most of the doorways are narrow. Any new appliance must come in through the front door, because the back door which opens directly into the laundry room is 2 1/2 inches too narrow.

4. Bringing appliances in through the front door is not without its problems. Because of the layout of the living room, with the front door on one corner and the kitchen arch diagonally across, there is always at least one piece of furniture in the way. Today I moved three.

5. Then I moved the kitchen table and chairs. It was the least I could do, since the door from the kitchen into the laundry room is also diagonally across from the arch. And it is also narrow. There is literally less than half an inch clearance on each side of an appliance passing through. And this door is modern. When we had our kitchen remodeled in 1993, they put in this narrow door. :-/

6. Actually, they put in a narrower door. We had put the appliances into the living room during the remodel, and when they tried to put them back, they stuck. They had to rip out the trim and enlarge the doorway. Fortunately, the contractor took responsibility. But through lack of shrewd planning, the door could NOT be any wider without ripping up new cabinets. So we coped.

7. It took the dryer installer about 17 minutes from pulling into the driveway to pulling out again with the old dryer. It probably took me twice that to move everything around and then put it back. (I haven't even mentioned all the stuff --pet food, detergent, trash cans -- that I had to move in the laundry room.) But the new dryer is installed, my laundry is finally done and put away, and Roger and I are going out for drinks in a little while. Success!

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