Friday, August 06, 2010

Seven Quick Takes in 17 Minutes; or Can She Write that Fast???

Seven Quick Takes is hosted by Jen.

1) I walked 21/2 miles today. Normally I try to walk for about 20-25 minutes four times a week. In our neighborhood, that often means once around the "block", which is a .3 -- .4 --.5 mile right triangle, therefore 1.2 miles. But Miriel is home for the week, and she thinks I ought to be walking more. So she talked me into taking the waking trail just down the road. For the second time this week. I enjoyed my time with her, I could definitely do this on a regular basis if I wanted to spend the time (not sure yet..), but right now my calves ache.

2) Miriel is home this week! She will be in Michigan for another two weeks, but she's going to divide up the rest of the time between her sisters who live about 100 miles from here. And Branwen's new baby is due the day she leaves. Come early, baby! Aunt Miriel wants to see you!

3) Grandma, of course, would also like to see the new baby. But Grandma knows that she will get to spend a whole week with Daniel and Matthew and their sibling (and Branwen and Larry, of course) the week after Larry goes back to work. Aunt Miriel's new job starts on the 23rd whether she's seen the baby or not.

4) Aunt Miriel's new job is in Washington D.C., where she's been interning since last January. And since she has a lot of stuff stored here and at her sisters', we will be driving her there. Yes, I said we. Tirienne and I will be going, and sharing the driving on the way back. Most of the route is familiar, since D.C. is only about an hour south of my hometown. But I'm still not sure if we'll actually get a chance to stop there. It's a 9 1/2 hour drive each way, so we plan to spend a day there in between, but the "where" has not fully been established.

5) In other news, Brandon has just found out that he will be reporting to his new duty station in Alaska before the end of the year. I'm excited for him, but it means that he may not be able to be home for Christmas. Actually, I know that we have been very blessed to have had him home for the last four Christmases, so I'll settle for anything between Halloween and Groundhog Day. But I'd like to know which, so I can get a jump on my Christmas shopping if I need to.

6) It's been 20 minutes. I knew I was too slow a typist to actually finish seven takes in 17 minutes. But I'm going to let the title stand. At least I tried.

7) And now I have to go, because the 17 minutes was based on when I needed to move on to my next task. Which is unloading the dishwasher, which just beeped. We have had this dishwasher since late December, and it still startles us when it beeps to indicate it's done. I wonder how long it will take us to adapt? (No, you can't shut off the signal. I checked.)

And here you have seven quick and boring takes, and a promise from me -- I'll see you here again next week. Have a great weekend!

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