Thursday, September 29, 2011

Seven Quick Takes, now with template!

--- 1 ---

Jen over at Conversion Diary has provided a nifty template for people who want to do Seven Quick Takes, and the header image is included. How can I (or anybody) resist that??! If you've never done quick takes before, today is a good time to start. The template does all the formatting; all you need to do is talk about stuff.

--- 2 ---

For the first time ever this year, my family will be celebrating Canadian Thanksgiving. No, I haven't moved to Canada (although I can see it from just down the road.) It's just that my whole family will be in one place that day, probably for the only time this winter. Brandon is coming in on leave, Miriel will take a long weekend from grad school, all the babies will be there... what's not to be thankful for?

I am thankful that this should be a simpler meal than Thanksgiving dinner has become around here. After all, we don't have any Canadian Thanksgiving traditions, so nobody can object if I only make 3 pies instead of six, or skip something else entirely. (To be honest, I will be the one who misses certain dishes most. Don't you "need" sauerkraut with your turkey?)

--- 3 ---

Brandon's leave status means that this will be the first Christmas we haven't had everybody together at some point during the holidays. (Branwen and Larry have been in Idaho for at least one Christmas Day.) But this is also the year that we had already decided would be a good one for the new families to start establishing their own Christmas traditions. I'm not sure how exactly this year's events are going to look, but the one given is that nobody will have to drive anywhere before they open their stocking. The married kids are ecstatic about that one!

--- 4 ---

Speaking of stockings, in need to get moving on the ones for Linus and Ambrose. Everybody (sons-in-law included) has a stocking I sewed, with their name on a counted cross-stitch band at the top. The assembly is easy, but the cross-stitch takes some time, and this year I have to do two. The only other year I did two was the year Daniel and Camilla were born. And just to make it harder, Arwen gave both boys names containing an S. Nobody else's name has one, and curvy letters are hardest to stitch, and I have to figure out how to do that in the same "font." See why I'm stalling?

--- 5 ---

Another reason I'm not very enthusiastic about the cross-stitch is that I have a new favorite needlecraft -- knitting. Back in July an old friend invited me -- for about the third time -- to her Tuesday evening knitting group. For some reason, this time I said "sure", even though I made sure she knew I was a committed crocheter. It's been wonderful! There are other old friends and acquaintances in the group with whom it's been great to reconnect, I got the twins' afghans done while chattering about anything and everything, and I fell in love with knitting, at least for now. (I'm very fickle when it comes to needlecrafts and video games...) I've made four hats, quite a few dishcloths, and now I'm working on a shawl for myself. Although I went out last night and bought more dishcloth cotton, because the shawl pattern is maybe about half-a-step too difficult for a beginner like me. So I'll do the shawl when I feel like concentrating, and dishcloths when I just want to relax and knit.

--- 6 ---

Even though it's not yet 10AM, the casserole for tonight's dinner is prepped and sitting in the fridge until it's time to bake it. I feel inordinately proud of this for some reason, as if making dinner were a high accomplishment instead of a routine chore.

--- 7 ---

And now I'm going to step away from the computer for a while. Of course, I'm probably just going to go play Hanging with Friends on my ipod... My username is Salome Ellen (what else?) if anybody wants to join me...

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Kristen @ St Monica's Bridge said...

Love that you can see Canada down the road. We made a committed decision when we got married to make a lot of our own traditions because my husband's parents are divorced (for 30+ years now)and still have a tug of war over the boys about holidays. So, we just stick to our guns and say, "well, our family does this," and it ends all arguments. Plus my husband doesn't have a lot of traditions that they passed down so it was very important to him for our kids to have traditions like the ones I grew up with and some we created ourselves (Chinese buffet for Christmas Eve, anyone?). Enjoy your Canadian Thanksgiving and snuggle those twin boys. Every time Arwen posts pics I just want to reach through the computer screen and love on them!

Kate said...

I'm hoping I can make it to my folk's place this Canadian Thanksgiving, now that I'm back near the border myself.

Sarah in Ottawa said...

Thanks for highlighting this template. I was inspired to post some quick takes myself!

Have a wonderful time celebrating our Thanksgiving. Frankly, it makes sense for Michiganders to celebrate it at the same time, as it's set in October because it better coincides with our mutual harvest season. I can't wait to hear about your celebrations, though!

Charlotte said...

Thank you for sharing the information about the template. I have not written in my blog since June and this was just the thing I needed to get "back in the saddle".

Enjoy having everyone home for Canadian Thanksgiving!