Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Word and Question 19

How did I end up here? If I can be
Completely truthful, I don't even know
Quite where this is, but I am fairly sure
It isn't Dune, or Pluto, or Barsoom
Or anywhere on Earth I've read about...

Why am I in this cage? If you ask me
This whole thing must be some psychotic joke!
The last thing I remember from before
Was feeling "punk", and sitting on the couch
Watching some crazy preacher on TV.

You want to know how nuts he was? He said
Smart folk like me, who don't believe his myths,
Were in for trouble here (I guess that's "there")
And afterward. But I maintain that I
Know more than he did: "after" can't exist.

And how do I know that? My textbooks state
That "mind" is just a function of the brain,
So when the body dies, the mind goes too.
I don't expect to live on after death.
That's just a fairytale for foolish folk.

Say, do you think it's getting hot in here?...

Word: cage

Question: Have i been reading all the wrong books?


christopher said...

Nicely done! I have to admit you had me stumped on Barsoom, had to look that one up (and now it's tucked safely away for a future moment when I can pretend being as well-read as you!).

Enbrethiliel said...


Wow! I love the twist! Yes, the persona has definitely been reading all the wrong books. But he still doesn't think so, does he? And he probably won't think so for the rest of eternity.

I'm reminded of C.S. Lewis's dwarves, who end up in the new Narnia at a table heavy laden with a feast but can only see and taste stale scraps. In the same way, it is our beliefs that are the real "cage"--and it is we who hold the key the entire time.

PS -- For the record, I totally knew what Barsoom was. =P

Enbrethiliel said...


PPS -- That was my question! =) And in case I wasn't clear in my first comment, I'm delighted by what you've done with it.