Sunday, November 04, 2007

Time Out

I know I said that today's post would be more about Rosie, but since this plan of telling about my kids in turn is totally my choice, it's my prerogative to change it!

Today is a beautiful, sunny late autumn day. The leaves outside my window are mostly gold, with a little reddish-orangish-brownish and still a little green. I am glad of this, because I can enjoy the colors, but I am a little bit sorry the leaves are still on the trees, because this is the week when the city's big noisy leaf-vacuuming trucks will pass through our neighborhood, removing the mountain of leaves we have already raked to the curb, but totally unable to suck the rest of them off the trees. This means that when they do finally fall, we will not only have to rake them, but also figure out what to DO with them. The city does technically come around twice, but our first week was three weeks ago, when ALL the leaves were still attached to the trees, and most of them were still green.

I am talking about the beauty of the day here a little wistfully, because once I have finished this post I will not be able to go back outside and enjoy it. I have taken my obligatory exercise walk, where stopping and admiring the trees is counterproductive, but a stroll just for beauty is out of the question. Instead I will be hunched over my sewing machine producing a drama costume for Katie. At least I was able to get the fabric very cheaply -- it was Halloween "costume satin" marked down to almost nothing. I'm glad I can make her a costume that fits (she's taller than the average, and none of the stuff the drama club has in storage remotely fits.) But I'd rather be kicked back enjoying the day.

See you all tomorrow!

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