Thursday, April 17, 2008

Ten to One Meme -- Day 5

Name SIX of your own acquired skills or personality traits of which you are proud. (Brag on yourself, dude! Own it!)

1. My prodigious vocabulary. I play Free Rice in the mid-50's.

2. The ability to cook without a recipe and alter and invent recipes for things that taste good.

3. The ability to read quickly, and remember a lot of it. ("Garbage-can memory")

4. Being able to sew things without the precise pattern I need. I’m not as good as those old-fashioned seamstresses who could measure you and cut all your clothes to fit, but I can get whatever sleeves/neckline/skirt I want.

5. My musical memory. I'm not a great musician, but if I've heard it, I probably remember it.

6. My test-taking knack


Jen said...

Good skills! I cannot sew. And I am musically impaired. I can't even clap along in church unless Matt taps my arm in time to the music.

Becki said...

Oh, thank you for reminding me about Free Rice, I forgot to play for a while.

And I envy your ability to sew; I aim to learn, so that I may learn to quilt.