Saturday, August 16, 2008

Cop-Out Photo Post

I think I've had a post like this already, but somebody did ask for pictures, and it's been another crazy week, so here you go, Lindsay! This is Matthew the day of his baptism. He looks very much like Daniel at his baptism, but Daniel was several weeks older. Rosie and Anthony and the boys flew to Idaho yesterday for Anthony's parents' 40th wedding anniversary celebration, so they had the baptism earlier than they would have otherwise. But since Daniel came early and Matthew was overdue, both boys were about the same size. And in ten or fifteen years, nobody will be able to tell the pictures apart. Already we are doing it by what background and which outfit!

This next one is Matthew on Thursday the 14th. I think his new nickname should be "Chubster." He was 8# 1oz. at birth, 8# 3oz. at his four day checkup, and 9# 10 oz. at two weeks. This is a day short of three weeks. Ten and a half pounds, anybody??

This is Rosie with Matthew, at Arwen's house. Although I came home on Friday, (the day Matthew was two weeks old) it was only to help Maggie and Katie pack up their stuff to fly off to college in Florida tomorrow. Since Maggie was scheduled to take the GRE on Friday (yesterday), we drove both girls and a LOT of stuff to Arwen's on Thursday. Arwen and Bryan will take them to the airport tomorrow, after they have (we hope!) consolidated their stuff into two suitcases and a carry-on each. And since due to the rising cost of flying, we won't see them again until Christmas, the whole family except George/Brandon came over for dinner.

There's nothing like a couple of nephews to take your mind off the GRE!!


Ellen said...

What a fun post! Not a cop-out at all! Matthew is precious. Congratulations!

Lindsay said...

Thank you, Salome! :o) He's so cute.

I can't believe that the girls manage to pack everything for college in TWO suitcases & a carry-on. How is that possible? I go to school in Boston, which is about 1000 miles away from home in Indiana, but I could not do that. Then again, we drive. I don't think I would know how to consolidate all my stuff down into two suitcases & a carry-on. I'd be in trouble. This is incredibly baffling to me.

I would say that I hope Maggie did well, but I know she did. The GRE is not quite so scary as it seems. Granted, I had to take it a second time, but that's because I was throwing up the first time. Turns out you can't concentrate so well when you have the stomach flu. Who knew?

Jen said...

You can post cute baby pictures any time! He is so adorable!

Salome Ellen said...

The secret is that Maggie has a mountain of stuff down there already! For her freshman year her dad drove her down, just the two of them and all the rear seats pulled out of our van. We are actually thrilled that Katie is going to the same school, because now we can fly down for Maggie's graduation and just leave the stuff there until Katie graduates! :-D Also, we are going to ship their bicycles (Maggie got a new one this summer), plus a carton of "Oops, I forgot my . . .". But we're waiting until they're settled in and know for sure what they forgot.

Maggie got what I consider a very good score on the GRE, not counting the writing section. Her advisor thinks she should take it again to guarantee LOTS of offers and money. as her mom, I'm a little wary of that because I know how she stresses. We shall see!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Tracy said...

I love picture posts :-). Especially of babies. New babies are especially sweet!!

Maggie is actually in her senior year then??? when did that happen???

(time keeps on slipping slipping slipping...)