Saturday, January 10, 2009

Blog Year in Review -- 2008

I've seen this done at a few places, including Heart Speaks to Heart and The Summa Mammas.

The idea is to post the first bit of the first post from each month of the previous year. This is the first year I've been able to do it, since last year was the first year I had even one post for every month.

So --

Christmas makes you feel emotional ....

...and it also makes you really tired! I've been working on this post for a week; the original opening paragraph is below.

Roger and I have a tradition that goes back at least five years and maybe longer.

I am working on my third post about Katie.

Coming soon.....

To a blog near you (or one you've almost forgotten about) -- ten days of meme!

I would try to explain why the Katie#4 post is still not done, except that anything I said would be an out-and-out lie ("Giant tarantulas ate our house!") or a rationalization ("Well, um, I'm not sleeping very well because of the hot flashes, and so when I sit down to the computer I really NEED to play more Peggle because that rests my brain and anyway... You get the idea.)



I'm not sure how many of you are familiar with the acronym that titles this post. Most of you probably do know URL, which stands for "Uniform Resource Locater", and is what any techno-geek you may know will call the address of this blog, or anything else on the internet.

I have an actual post percolating, but I hurt my finger while trying to modify a $6 lampshade to fit an antique lamp that only $60 lampshades fit, and I'm typing with three fingers instead of my usual four.


I Should Have Known Better...

Somehow I believed that even though I am spending the week at Rosie's house helping her with Daniel and Matthew since Anthony is done with paternity leave, I would be able to post.


Down the River We Go. . . .

The title of this post is from a song that was in one of the music books my elementary school used. I don't remember which grade, but the series was published by Silver Burdett, before they merged with Ginn.

Tommy went to his first semi-formal dance last night.

Technically this should be a "Sloppy Saturday" post, but since November first is All Saints' Day, I'm going to talk about that instead.

This is by way of being a catch-all post, keeping me in the habit of semi-regular posting.

And there you have it; a set of first lines that encapsulate my year. I am pretty sure that (aside from posting more often when it's not November) the thing I need to work on most in this new year is not sounding so apologetic, Or maybe those two things go together. . .

Some of the lines include links to the actual post, since it appears that I like to use the title as part of my first sentence. For the rest, the posts are not hard to find, if you care that much about what I was talking about.

Here's to a better 2009 in review!

(And to my learning more HTML so I can make the darn thing look right!)

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Jen said...

I really like the year in review posts, but I never do one myself for some reason.