Monday, September 14, 2009

Musical Monday -- Triumph of the Cross

Today is the feast of the Triumph of the Cross, so I'm posting a few of my favorites. They're good any time... :-D

First and foremost --

Lift High the Cross

Refrain: Lift high the cross, the love of Christ proclaim,
Till all the world adore His sacred Name.

Come, Christians, follow where the Master trod --
Our King victorious, Christ the Son of God.. Refrain

Led on their way by this triumphant sign,
The hosts of God in conquering ranks combine. Refrain

Each newborn servant of the Crucified
Bears on the brow the seal of Him Who died. Refrain

O Lord, once lifted on the glorious tree,
As Thou hast promised, draw the world to Thee. Refrain

So shall our song of triumph ever be:
Praise to the Crucified for victory. Refrain

The words are by George W. Kitchen, modified by Michael R. Newbolt. The tune is Crucifer, by Sydney H. Nicholson. You can hear it here, although they are missing the first verse.

Next up --

In the Cross of Christ I Glory

1. In the cross of Christ I glory,
towering o'er the wrecks of time;
all the light of sacred story
gathers round its head sublime.

2. When the woes of life o'ertake me,
hopes deceive, and fears annoy,
never shall the cross forsake me.
Lo! it glows with peace and joy.

3. When the sun of bliss is beaming
light and love upon my way,
from the cross the radiance streaming
adds more luster to the day.

4. Bane and blessing, pain and pleasure,
by the cross are sanctified;
peace is there that knows no measure,
joys that through all time abide.

5. In the cross of Christ I glory,
towering o'er the wrecks of time;
all the light of sacred story
gathers round its head sublime.

The lyrics are by John Bowring; the tune, Rathbun, is by Ithamar Conkey and can be found here.

Last but not least -- Isaac Watts' marvelous

When I Survey the Wondrous Cross.

When I survey the wondrous cross
On which the Prince of glory died,
My richest gain I count but loss,
And pour contempt on all my pride.

Forbid it, Lord, that I should boast,
Save in the death of Christ my God!
All the vain things that charm me most,
I sacrifice them to His blood.

See from His head, His hands, His feet,
Sorrow and love flow mingled down!
Did e’er such love and sorrow meet,
Or thorns compose so rich a crown?

Were the whole realm of nature mine,
That were a present far too small;
Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.

The tune is Hamburg, by Lowell Martin, and can be heard here.

I hope to weigh in on Friday with a Seven Quick Takes, so I'll see you then!

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Kate said...

Lovely! Thanks for posting these. When I Survey... is one of my absolute favorites, though I'll admit I prefer it to the tune Rockingham. Now it will be in my head as I fall asleep tonight, which is one of the best kinds of prayer!