Sunday, December 13, 2009

House Update

The painting is done. It took three days to strip the kitchen wallpaper and wash the walls. It turns out there was primer under there; also at least two coats of paint and the remains of yet another kind of wallpaper (only the tiniest scrap in the edge of the electrical plate behind the refrigerator.) The hardest part was scrubbing off the sizing from the professional wallpaper job. I vow never to inflict that on any future owner of this house!

Yesterday the guys (Roger, Kelson, and sons-in-law Larry and Bryan) put in 800 square feet of pre-finished hardwood and 200 of vinyl plank. Today they did the trim, and tomorrow the carpet installers come to do all four bedrooms. I will be scrubbing down the kitchen, pantry, and bathrooms, so that we can begin shuttling things over before the big push on Friday afternoon and Saturday. Whew!

I hope to be back here before Christmas, but if I don't make it, have a Merry one!

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Tracy said...

I think you know why we're painting over wallpaper in our house - because it wasn't primed and it's stuck so well, it was destroying the wall to try and get it off. I am also vowing to never ever inflict that on any future owner of this house - though I have not plans to move ever. ever. EVER. Moving is so hard!

I'm glad that you are nearing the end of the getting ready to move process and hope that the actual moving goes very smoothly.