Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daybook. 4/11/10 -- Divine Mercy Sunday/Second Sunday of Easter


Outside my window... there is sunshine. The air is warmish, the trees are budding, the grass is green, and I am discovering that this house has daffodils. And lilacs. And violets, and hyacinths, and forsythia, and a couple of things I won't be sure of until they bloom. Whee!

I am thinking... that it will be good to get back to the routine, since this is the last day of Kelson's spring break.

I am thankful for... all the family and friends we've had here over the last ten days. I enjoy the opportunity to feed people without having to downsize my recipes for just two or three. ;-D

From the kitchen... I can still smell the yummy potato pancakes Roger made for breakfast. Having a Sunday breakfast chef is so awesome that I don't mind that I do the cleanup.

I am wearing... dark taupe pants, navy cotton twinset and socks, and black loafers. Yes, it is one of my favorite outfits. Why do you ask??

I am creating... a list of things that still need to be hung on the walls in various places. My desk will feel a lot bigger once the bulletin board and whiteboard don't have to sit on it.

I am going... nowhere much today, which feels awesome.

I am reading... blogs, and some forgettable chick-lit, and a couple of magazines. I am behind on First Things.

I am hoping... that this weather continues all week. I need to get my walking regimen back up to speed.

I am hearing... outdoor noises through the open windows.

Around the house... I am still awed by my "new" chandelier. My brother and SIL were going to replace the ugly-colored one that came with the house as a Christmas/housewarming present. When they came for Easter we couldn't find one I liked, so my brother took this one down, cleaned it, and spray-painted it a shade that fits in this house. I LOVE it. Thank you, Patrick!

One of my favorite things... is Wolfgang Candy, which I grew up with. The Easter order is almost gone, so there won't be more until Christmas, but it's awesome that internet ordering lets me have a taste of "home" at this distance.

A few plans for the rest of the week.... enjoying the weather, and getting my weekly disciplines back on track after break. Also having my van in the shop to get some niggling problems dealt with.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...

This isn't my bush (we pruned ours back because it had been allowed to get seriously overgrown), but I can't think of a better picture of Spring!


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