Tuesday, March 09, 2010

That Daybook Thing


I've seen this a couple of places now, and thought I could give it a try.

Outside my window... are melting snow and bushes that are thinking about budding. The ground is deeply covered in some places, bare in others, and in most of the bare spots mud abounds.

I am thinking... that I wish I had just copied this meme by hand on a sticky note in the first place, because trying to cut and paste and reformat has been a royal pain!

I am thankful for... the fact that my out-of-whack back doesn't hurt as much today as it did yesterday. It does make planning to sort books and refill shelves kind of problematic, though.

From the kitchen... well, I'm in the kitchen, which is where my new computer lives, and the reason I have time to do this post is that dinner is very simple: sausages, frozen hash brown patties, and homemade applesauce from the freezer.

I am wearing... dark taupe pants, navy cotton twinset and socks, and black loafers.

I am creating... what I hope will be a template for doing this more easily if I ever try it again.

I am going... nowhere tonight, and neither is Roger, which is a marvelous treat.

I am reading... In the Presence of My Enemies by Gracia Burnham. She and her husband Martin were missionaries in the Philippines when they were kidnapped by Islamic terrorists in early 2001. He was eventually killed, but I haven't gotten to that part yet. Gracia is obviously feisty, and I am enjoying her view of things, even the unpleasant ones. (I'm also reading a chick-lit, but I won't tell you about it unless its a good one, and I haven't read enough to know yet.)

I am hoping... that my back will be cooperative and not wake me up in the night tonight, as it has for the last two.

I am hearing... the cat trying to huff up a hairball. I feel rather sorry for him, since he hasn't managed to do it in the almost two years we've owned him. All that work for no results. And I'd rather clean it up than listen to him as often as I have to.

Around the house... it is tidier than usual, because Kelson is on a college visit in Florida until Friday.

One of my favorite things... is the amount of natural light in this new house. Our living room window is ten feet long and faces south, but all the rooms are well-lit, even in the basement. I just hope I don't have to eat my words in the heat of summer!

A few plans for the rest of the week.... major grocery shopping, the pregnancy care center fund-raising banquet, and adoration and Stations of the Cross Friday evening, for which I am the cantor. I really love the way our new priest has added "Food for the Soul" to the "Food for the Body" of the Knights of Columbus' Lenten fish fry.

Here is a picture thought I am sharing....


Miriel said...

That comic is HILARIOUS. Where did you find it?

Love you!!

Salome Ellen said...

The comic is from XKCD.com. All geeks and geek-wannabes in the know find humor there. ;-D

Tracy said...

argh, I had a long comment and then I did something and it's gone. Love to see you blogging again, and it sounds as if you're settling into your new home. I like the daybook format, and if I ever finish it, I'll post my own... maybe every Tuesday. Took your "warning" to heart and started from scratch instead of doing a cut and paste to start!

Arwen said...

What Miriel said. AWESOME comic.

Love you Mom!