Friday, March 19, 2010

Seven Very Quick Takes -- 3/19/10

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1) It is 70 degrees out, and I just went for my walk without a jacket. Snow is predicted for Sunday. Ah, Michigan!

2) Beans and rice for dinner tonight, as it is a Lenten Friday. Our governor has declared tomorrow as the "Great Michigan Meat-out", touting the benefits of vegetarian meals. Roger and I are thinking of buying steaks to celebrate, and there are rumors of a barbecue on the Capitol lawn, probably sponsored by Michigan meat-producers. (Ah, Michigan! :-p)

3) The books in our basement may be multiplying... I have been trying to unpack a couple of boxes every time I go down to the laundry room. This morning I unpacked two and then, because I wondered how many were left, I counted the boxes -- 26. That was higher than I'd hoped, so I unpacked two more. Counted again -- 26. Figured I must have miscounted. This afternoon I went down and unpacked three more, then counted -- 24. At this rate I may never finish....

4) Currently "Lucas Kitty" is sitting on Roger's chair at the table trying to decide if he wants to jump up on the table and go for the glass of milk sitting there. He doesn't know it, but the correct answer is "Not while she can see me, if I value my peace-of-mind."

5) Tonight we will be going to the Stations of the Cross at 7:00. This year our parish has been using the "Biblical Stations" originated by Pope John Paul II, using this booklet, which has added meditations. I like it a lot. In this form there is noting with which a Protestant could take issue, and I'd love to see it done as an ecumenical service.

6) Our new pastor has also decided to do the "long form" of the Easter Vigil, with all eight readings, done in darkness. This means eight responsorial Psalms, and some of the choir is feeling a bit rebellious. I am feeling excited; the whole thing done well is marvelous, and recapitulates salvaton history all the way from the Creation to the Resurrection. Getting to sing is a bonus!

7) I have exactly 15 minutes to do my 12 minute exercise routine and be ready to leave for our evening errands and so on. Goodbye!


Anonymous said...

as it was the solemnity of St. Joseph today, you could've feasted! No need for the beans & rice!

Salome Ellen said...

True! Our diocese regularly dispenses for corned beef if St. Patrick falls on a Friday, but I forgot that St. Joseph needs no dispensation. (Actually, some of us really like beans and rice....)