Friday, September 17, 2010

Word and Question 4 (aka The Poetry Game)

Although this meme began at Shredded Cheddar, this month it's being hosted by Crosses and Cradles. Head on over there and follow the links in the comments for the other participants. And be nice.... next month I'm hosting it here!

Word: month

Question: Is your fate made of paper?

Sometimes I wonder who planned them,
These foothills and mountains of paper:
Records of birth and of marriage,
Taxes and grades and insurance.

Daily, it seems, piles grow higher;
Bank statements, pizza ads, fliers.
Month after month they keep coming--
Bills, and requests for donations.

Someday we all will escape them
When in the grave we are lying.
But then our heirs will be burdened
With more papers, proof of our dying!

(I really struggled with the punctuation for this, and would love advice on how that can be improved. Of course I might not take it!)


Brandon said...

Mom, this is great!

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

Salome Ellen,

Totally off topic from your post....Found you through conversiondiary (Jen). Quick question for you. How do YOU pronounce Salome. We were undecided between Salome and Sarah with dd born 2 months ago. Went with Sarah. Will probably go with Salome for any future daughters. I have never met a Salome in real life, but have heard several different pronunciations. Thank you for your time. :)

Salome Ellen said...

Hi Edia!

It's a family name for me, and has always been pronounced "Sah-LOAM" (or Suh-LOAM). It's in honor of one of the women who were at the tomb Easter morning (Mark 16). My tradition also separates it from SAL-o-may or Sah-LO-me, who in the Strauss opera is the daughter of Herodias who danced for John the Baptist's head, but is never actually named in Scripture.

I'm a bit biased in favor of "my" pronunciation, naturally, but I do think it is preferable, partly because the other sounds more like "salami", which is not something you want to stick a child with.

Enbrethiliel said...


Sometimes I wonder who planned them, too. =P

Gosh, Ellen, you make paperwork and cluttered desks seem wonderful!

Paul Stilwell said...

Excellent! I can seriously relate to this.

"Someday we all will escape them
When in the grave we are lying."

All the clutter - physical and non-physical - certainly does make death a curing thought.