Monday, January 31, 2011

Daybook from Canada

Outside my window... it is bright and sunny. And -20 degrees. But since I'm in Canada, those are Celsius degrees, so it's "only" negative 4 Fahrenheit. Brrrrr......

I am thinking... that I am almost rested, thanks to this wonderful vacation. Even on vacation the hot flashes still wake me up sometimes. But I haven't had to get up until I was ready since we got here. Awesome!

I am thankful for... God's provision of this time in Stratford. It's quality time with my husband, and relaxation, and an opportunity to realize again that heaven is going to be even more wonderful than I can imagine, since all the good things about this time are mere dim reflections of the greater good awaiting me.

From the kitchen... Well, I haven't been in one since last Thursday! And even on Wednesday night we had leftovers. Our room here at Bentley's * has a kitchenette, but cutting a hunk of cheese and peeling an apple aren't exactly cooking.

I am wearing... grey pants, a cream turtleneck, navy v-neck sweater and over-the-knee socks, and my new fuzzy slippers. When we went out for coffee earlier I had on my much-loved knee-high riding boots. Roger paid what seemed like a ridiculous amount of money for them one Christmas, but since that was in ( I believe) 1994, I'd say he got his money's worth!

I am creating...nothing right this minute. But I have been pondering what changes I want/need to make over my next decade (I turn 60 next month :-o) and more creative endeavors are on my list. More crocheting, relearning to knit, dusting off the guitar and the flute.... It may be an interesting 10 years.

I am going... to one of our favorite Italian places for dinner before very long. Bonus: It's literally just a few steps from the hotel door to the restaurant. A nice perk in this weather.

I am reading... A lot of random fiction, which is one of the pleasures of Stratford -- I average a book a day. But I am about to start unPlanned, by Abby Johnson. Arwen reviewed it here, and she and Bryan bought me a copy. Stay tuned.

I am hoping... that I can manage to keep my mind off the fact that in order to go home I must pack until it's actually time to pack. I have a bad habit of living in the past or the future and therefore not fully experiencing the present. I'm working on it...

I am hearing... Roger putting ice cubes into a glass. An interesting aspect of Stratford for me is that I consume a much greater proportion of each day's calories in liquid form -- decaf mochas at Balzac's, Oranginas, ginger beer, wine with dinner. At home it's tea, water, a glass of milk with dinner, and maybe orange juice if I don't have clementines or grapefruit on hand. But here there are so many good things to drink...

Around the house... we are extremely grateful that our friend Tom is house-sitting. Joe-dog and Lucas-kitty are even more grateful, since as far as I can tell he plays with them more than we ever do!

A few plans for the rest of the week: home tomorrow morning, blizzard predicted for Tuesday into Wednesday, and on Thursday -- if they can make it -- Branwen and the kiddos will be arriving to spend some time with us while Larry travels on business.

Words I'm pondering : "If I hear anymore Michigan residents crying about possible snow I will lose my mind. It's Michigan!" This on Twitter from a friend this morning. And my sympathy goes out to Brandon who is stuck in Alaska, where the forecast is rain. His current hometown has higher average winter temperatures than ours does!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing...
These are "mint smoothies" from Rheo Thompson, and one of the delights of Stratford. And these I get to take home!

*Most of the pictures in the link are actually of this room, except the ones that show the two queen beds. This one has a king; we've gotten spoiled at home and now sort of "need" a bigger bed. And the room rates have actually come down as the Canadian dollar has gotten stronger, so this trip didn't cost as much as you'd think.

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Sarah in Ottawa said...

I am so glad that you guys were able to get away to Stratford this year. I am also envious that you have some delicious Rheo Thompson chocolate! smoothies..