Friday, November 04, 2011

Seven Very Quick Takes -- NOBloPoMo

--- 1 ---

For the last several years, I have participated in National Blog Posting Month, briefly known as NaBloPoMo. This year, I simply don't have what it takes to even attempt a post every day for a month. I'm just going to shoot for once a week.

--- 2 ---

In the comments to my last post I asked whether my readers pronounced "Laura" and "Lora" the same way. This is a full confession: my children are soooo tired of this discussion. They and their friends hear them the same; I grew up pronouncing them lahr-uh* and lore-uh. Now I'll try not to ever mention it again.
*Like Bert Lahr, who played the Cowardly Lion.

--- 3 ---

I need to hustle with my typing, because Branwen and her family will be here soon for the weekend. I love having grandchildren in the house, and it's even better when their parents are here too. ;-D

--- 4 ---

I'm making Slow-Cooker Green Chili Pork (Tacos) for dinner tomorrow. Last time we decided we like the meat better in buns than in corn tortillas.

--- 5 ---

This time we're trying the pork with half Mrs. Renfro's salsa. The last time it was tasty but a little bland for our taste. I'd use all Mrs. Renrfo's, but the grandchildren will be here.

--- 6 ---

For those of you for whom that last take made no sense: ordinary green salsa is made mostly with tomatillos. Mrs. Renfro's is made of jalapenos. Nuff said.

--- 7 ---

My blog post is ready, my chores are done, and my grandchildren are here. See you!

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dylan said...

I say Law-ra, for the record. (Like Jude Law, Ty Law, and Cardinal Bernard Law.) But I'm a Bostonian and have a funny accent!

Lauren said...

I think there's definitely a difference between Laura and Lora (or Lauren and Loren, for that matter!). I think I'm sensitive to it because Loren is a man's name and the name of the color commentator for the radio broadcasts of my university's football games. I've never noticed any of your kids calling me Loren, though!