Monday, May 14, 2012

Daybook -- 5/14/12

Outside my window... blue sky, a lot of green -- trees and grass and bushes and (sadly) weeds -- and sunshine on the tops of the trees.  If I were on the other side of the house it would still look like daytime, but here it's definitely evening.

I am thinking... that this last six weeks have been wonderful, but tiring.  So much going on!

I am thankful for... the so much that was going on! In order: Holy Week/ Easter (with 25 people for breakfast and 15 for dinner).  Keeping Branwen and Larry's kids for the weekend so that they could go to Stratford. 
Singing with the choir for Confirmation.  "Reading Camp" with Daniel and Camilla, to help them get more ready for first grade at a new school.  Brandon coming home on leave.  Kelson's graduation from boot camp, and the 1300+ miles in 48 hours of driving that went with it.  Kelson and Brandon at home for a few days; lovely!  Singing with the choir for First Communion.  Miriel coming home from her first year of grad school.  Linus' and Ambrose's first birthday party. A visit from Roger's mom and sister. Deep breath/sigh.   Done!

From the kitchen... leftovers tonight AND tomorrow.  I sort of forgot again how to cook for just two...

I am wearing... tan cotton pants, a pink cotton tee, and a crocheted ecru short-sleeved sweater.  And my fuzzy slippers.

I am creating...  knitted dresses for Camilla and Lauren, dishcloths for Brandon, and a scarf for Miriel.  Which is one of her presents from last Christmas, but it's lace-weight yarn and very slow going.  I have made a commitment to knit at least one pattern repeat on it every day, so it should be finished before she starts school again in August.

I am going... nowhere before knitting group tomorrow night.  This is awesome!

I am reading...  Turn Not Pale, Beloved Snail which is "a book about writing among other things" by Jacqueline Jackson.  My roommate when I lived in Ohio in the late seventies had a copy, and I got the urge to read it again.  It is still delightful!  I got this copy on inter-library loan, because the last time I checked Amazon the only copies were running close to $50.  When I checked the page to give the link, it appears that one can buy used copies for considerably less.  I think that's what I do when I finish this post.  It's definitely worth owning if it's in your budget.

I am hoping... to sleep well tonight.  I've had less-than-stellar sleep the last few nights, but it's cooling off, and I have no pressing reason to get up early tomorrow.  Wish me luck.

I am hearing... Roger puttering about the kitchen.  The clink of ice cubes, and a blurbling that means carbonation.  Probably soda water, because I also heard the door to the cabinet where he keeps the Scotch.

(I just asked him, and he says it's cranberry juice and pineapple rum.  Apparently I was mistaken about the carbonation.)

Around the house... we now have an actual guest room.  Kelson took pretty much everything he owns to his new duty station in Duluth, which is where Brandon was stationed before he went to Alaska.  Lose a son, gain a guest room.  My emotions on this one are very mixed.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Knitting group. Grocery shopping.  Choir practice.  Blessed, blessed routine.

Words I'm pondering : Americans have a range of moral concerns: caring for the weak, fairness, liberty, loyalty, respect for authority, and sanctity.  Studies suggest that hard-core liberals are animated only by the first three. (From The Righteous Mind by Jonathan Haidt, via First Things.)

Here is a picture thought I am sharing.... actually, I'm not. I had a nice cartoon all picked out, but I can't make it work in the new Blogger set-up.    Fooey!!

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Charlotte said...

I hope that you DID sleep well last night! It sounds like you have had a rather full house for the past several weeks. I too love routine. Sadly, as summer quickly approaches mine is about to go out the window until mid-August. However, I know that the day will come when I will wistfully look back on our "crazy summer days". Enjoy "normal" for a little while!