Friday, June 15, 2012

Place and Question -- W&Q 22

This is my June entry in the Word and Question/ Playing Poetry game started by Enbrethiliel at Shredded Cheddar.  The rules can be found here. This month there was a special wrinkle; the word submitted had to be a place.

The Journalist's Mother's Lament

Where are you now, my darling child?
In Marrakech, or Rome, 
Or Zanzibar, or Nhulunbuy??
I wish you were at home!

Word/place: Nhulunbuy
Question:  Are you lonesome tonight?

I had a much longer (and rather maudlin, probably because I find the song, of which the question is the title, so) idea in mind, but when I sat down to actually write it -- and I have to use paper; brain to keyboard doesn't work for poems for me -- this is what came out, and declared itself done.  So be it!



dylan said...

I rather like this one! We got each other's questions, it seems! And your poem has a kind of X J Kennedy feel to it. I don't know if you're familiar with Kennedy: he is a formalist, and a humorist! A practitioner of what is often called "light verse," a genre which requires considerable deftness and skill. All these qualities are on display in this quatrain.

I'm glad you didn't go the maudlin route; I was a bit cheeky putting that question forth ...

Enbrethiliel said...


And just like that, Nhulunbuy becomes one of the great exotic locations of the world! LOL!

I love this, Ellen! Like an ant, it is deceptively stronger than its small size--and packs a heftier punch! It certainly brought a smile to my face today. =)