Thursday, February 27, 2014

Birthday Math

7 Posts in 7 Days part 4

I had a different post in mind (I had actually added the Tip-Line Thursday label) but I decided that I felt like doing this instead.  So I am posing a math problem for you, and the first person to answer correctly by doing the math -- sorry, family, insider knowledge means you're eliminated -- will get you a batch of chocolate-chip cookie bars sent to your snail mail.  (This offer expires in one week, on March 6.)

Today is my birthday.  My new age is the product of a prime number and a prime number squared.  My daughter Branwen shares this birthday.  Her age is the product of three different prime numbers.  And on the day she was born, I had just turned the product of two prime numbers!

So how old are we??!!


Stephanie W. said...

You are 63 and Branwen is 30. Would you like to see the math? It has three solutions but we're assuming you didn't have Branwen when you were 15. I put my husband up to solve this because he loves sweets.

I thoroughly enjoy your writing and that of your family.


Stephanie W. said...

It actually has four solutions (David is having fun doing math). You could have had your daughter at the following ages:



Stephanie W. said...

I, on the other hand, cannot add. Make that 5 solutions.


Salome Ellen said...

Stephanie, if you will send me your snail mail address by email (mine is "blogname at gmail dot com") I will get the cookies on their way!