Wednesday, October 22, 2008

NaBloPoMo Approaches!

In a fit of enthusiasm (madness??) I went and signed myself up for NaBloPoMo for November. And I suspect that if I’m going to have any success at this at all, I will need more of a structure than I had last year, which was “Uh, family biographies if I can’t think of anything else?? ‘K, bye!” SO I have decided to choose a theme for each day of the week, which may also help me for the rest of the year!

Musical Monday – what I like or hate, what new artists I’ve found

Tasty Tuesday (inspired by Taco Tuesday at a local Mexican place) -- recipes and such

What’cha Readin’ Wednesday (via The Summa Mamas) -- what I’m reading, maybe old favorites

??? Thursday – I need some help here! It doesn’t have to start with T!!

Family Friday – finishing Katie and Tommy’s bios, and maybe some grandkid pictures

Sloppy Saturday – this is where I may even just post links!

Spiritual Sunday – some kind of reflection suitable to the day

So, what do you think? All suggestions are welcome!


Tracy said...

but of course it has to start with T - because all the others do. What a good idea. I might have to figure something out along these lines, since I'm planning on signing up again.

Hmmm. True Love Thursday. Tagging Thursday (do a meme?). Tangents Rule Thursday - what ever you feel like talking about.

I am NOT creative.


Jen said...

What about something about pets? Or household tips? I always like reading about those sorts of things. I'll leave it up to you to word them so that they start with T. :)

George said...

Mom, I always knew you'd come up with a way to organize NaBloPoMo so as to make it harder for yourself to skip a day.