Monday, June 07, 2010

Daybook, 6/7/10


Actually, by the time I got to this, it was a Nightbook....

Outside my is dark. Actually, the blinds are shut. When I started working on this post it was still light outside, but I spent a LOT of time looking for a picture for the end -- and wound up with XKCD again.

I am thinking... that my "baby!" will be a high school graduate in less than 24 hours. Where did the time go?

I am thankful for...the fact that Brandon is home for his brother's graduation. We haven't seen him since Christmas (except on video chat) and he adds a different flavor to life around here.

From the kitchen... meatloafies (baked in muffin cups), rice, and green beans. Not fancy, but it tasted good.

I'm am wearing... a blue fleece bathrobe and fuzzy slippers. By our standards it's LATE!

I am creating... a wedding gift for our niece. Shhhh. It's a secret!

I am going... to bed just as soon as I finish this post. Yawn.

I am reading... Wyrms by Orson Scott Card. It's an early one of his, and I am either going to love it almost as much as Enchantment or Ender's Game or dislike it intensely. Right now I'm back-and-forth.

I am hoping...that when I finally get to bed, I will fall asleep in a hurry. I have a lot to do tomorrow.

I am hearing... the quiet noise of my computer's fan. Everyone else is asleep, including the dog and the cat.

Around the house... everything has been tidied up for the evening -- always assuming that Brandon and Kelson stay asleep. Otherwise all bets are off.

One of my favorite things... is my Franklin Planner. I just got a year's worth of new pages. My inner control-and-planning freak likes this.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Graduation, followed by "regular routine", followed by Kelson's graduation Open House on Sunday afternoon. (Cooking all day Saturday.)

Words I'm pondering : "Early to bed, and early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise." No wonder I'm broke!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... Our household has people in all three groups...


Sarah in Ottawa said...

Congratulations to Kelson!

Are you excited and nervous about the next year, with an empty nest? Any new projects about which you are dreaming?

Tracy said...

Congrats on your son's graduation! Enjoy this day!

Lauren said...

The "meatloafies" sound like fun! We absolutely love a recipe for mini meatloaves from the Martha Stewart Everyday Food magazine. (It's on the Everyday Food website, too, if you want to look it up.)

I hope Kelson's graduation was wonderful, and that his open house is lots of fun!