Sunday, October 10, 2010

Emails Are Out! -- Updated

OK, folks, the Word and Question emails have been sent. I'll have my poem up on Wednesday (or die trying??) We have 8 players this month, three of them new, so be sure to leave a link in the comments here when you post your poem, so that everybody can find you!

(A note to new players: if it wasn't clear, the words and questions are distributed separately, so if you want to see a poem from "your" prompts, you'll have to look at two of them! I like the way some random submissions came together in interesting ways. )

I received an additional entry after I had emailed the prompts and posted this, and because I'm a pushover a very nice lady I sent that person the prompts I had left for myself and took the ones they sent. The part of me that used to be a math teacher is objecting strongly that the distribution of words and questions no longer fits the scheme I had devised, but the part of me that thinks I need to grow in flexibility says this is a good opportunity to practice. So welcome, player # 9!


dylan said...

The e-mails are out? As of 8.14 pm Eastern Time on 10/10/10, I have not received mine!

Salome Ellen said...

Dylan: So sorry -- Enbretheliel sent me your submission, so I wasn't sure of an email for you. In fact, I checked all three of your blogs and couldn't find it. (Maybe I'm dense...) I sent yours to her (along with hers), but here they are: word -- train question -- Which window did you mean? You get an extra eight hours to finish. ;-D

dylan said...

Word & question received! I shall get to work presently! Many thanks.