Friday, October 22, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday -- Totally Random

Seven Quick Takes are hosted by Jen.

1) I Right now my kitchen (where my computer is) smells like onions. Dinner tonight is Creamed Chicken with Corn Bread Dressing. (The recipe for the dressing is coming in November.) I did all my prep around lunchtime, including chopping the onion for the creamed chicken, which I then put into the pan I'll be using and covered with the lid. I just took the lid off. Whew!

2) It is a gorgeous fall day outside. Lots of red and yellow, fading to brown, but still enough green for contrast. I love to look at fall, but I don't really spend much time outside enjoying it. Good thing there is a window right by my desk.

3) We went to our local Right to Life banquet last night. Well, actually, except for the food part, we ran it. Tickets, seating plans, speaker, decorations, programs. you name it. But Roger didn't have to be emcee this year, since somebody has finally stepped forward to take over as president, after almost two decades. So next year there will be a banquet committee, and all we'll need to do is show up. The new president has the people-motivation skills we lack, and I expect a lot of good things to happen. Thank you, Joe!!

4) Election day is in less than two weeks. Michigan is not electing a US senator this year, but every other state and local office is up in the air. Some races have a clear (to me) best choice, some are a little fuzzier. But I'm putting on my patriot hat and telling you -- no matter where you are, or where you stand on issues -- to get out there and VOTE! A country where people take their responsibility in this area seriously will be a better country than one where they don't, even if the "wrong" candidates win.

5) Our local park system is awesome! I've mentioned the walking/running/biking trails before, but the beaches and museums are also great, and we just acquired a lighthouse! Furthermore, local groups have gathered donations and grants to repair it and care for it. So if you ever come to visit I'll be sure to take you to see it.

6) My stomach is growling. I've been cautiously trying to lose some weight but eating only when I'm physically hungry. Well, I am! But I'm going to wait for the Cornbread Dressing, because man, is that tasty!

7) Those of you who care about grammar may have noticed that I lean toward the use of the "Oxford comma"; that is, a comma after the item before the "and" in a list separated by commas. Example: I like vanilla, butterscotch, and chocolate ice cream toppings. Modern usage says the comma after butterscotch isn't necessary, and should be omitted. Go read this, (specifically the photo caption) and see if you agree!

And that's it for this week's version of Seven Quick takes. Have a great weekend!


ccr in MA said...

I'm an avowed fan of the Oxford comma (proofreaders tend to have strong opinions about such things), and that's a perfect example of why I love it!

dylan said...

Yes, that photo caption! (Smiling broadly ...)

But most of the time, the Oxford comma is kinda sorta redundant.

Rosemary Bogdan said...

Thanks for serving your local RTL!!
I use the oxford comma too. Never knew that was what it's called, and never knew there was any other option :-) Can't wait to see what happens on election day. I'm really hoping to vote out of office my congressman, John Dingell, author of the health care bill.

Anonymous said...

I love the Oxford comma!