Monday, May 03, 2010

Daybook, 5/3/10


Outside my window... it is beautiful! The neighbors' crab-apple tree is in blossom, my lilac bush is putting out buds, and the back lawn is carpeted with violets.

I am thinking... that the next few days should be interesting! Tomorrow we pick up Daniel and Matthew, Wednesday Tirienne picks up Miriel at the airport and they come (probably bringing Camilla), and on Friday Arwen, Bryan, and Blaise will be here. From almost-empty-nesters to a full house in four days. Whee!

I am thankful for... a compliment I got yesterday. During the Peace at mass I let a fellow choir member know that I would be praying for their peace in regard to a specific issue this week. The response -- "That's exactly what I would expect from you." Um, wow. Because I am not sure I'd expect it from me; I had had to make a conscious decision that I would actually do it before I said it. But I want to be a person of prayer and love, so it's nice that this friend thinks I show signs of it.

From the kitchen... Creamed Chicken and Biscuits. And I have been spending most of my allowance recently on iced mochas and iced coffee, so Roger made me a big pot of decaf to chill so I can make my own. (We already chill any leftover daily coffee for Kelson's consumption.)

I am wearing... aqua/blue/green (tiny) plaid "beach pants"/capris, a white Tshirt, aqua socks, black loafers with holes in them, and a blue shawl, because the evening is starting to cool off but we haven't shut the windows yet.

I am creating... the bi-weekly "big" grocery list. I get my grocery money in weekly allotments, but I find it saves time and money to spend most of it one week and fill in milk and produce on the alternate week. Occasionally I will change things up if a household staple like cheese goes on sale on the "small" week, but the habit is so strong that I actually write "Major Grocery Shopping" on my master calendar a year in advance.

I am going... to women's Bible study tomorrow, and then 100 miles to pick up Daniel and Matthew. And then stopping at McDonald's on the way home.....

I am reading... Pythagoras' Revenge by Arturo Sangali. I'm a math geek, but this is turning into something resembling History of Mathematics Meets The DaVinci Code. Don't bother.

I am hoping... to not get too tired this week, and if I do get tired, not to get crabby. Prayers appreciated!

I am hearing... cars whizzing past in front of the house, and the birds on the bird-feeder in back.

Around the house... it is relatively clean and tidy. This will last approximately 17 seconds after the grandchildren get here, and although I will keep tidying the main living area, I have resolved to let the basement play area deteriorate to chaos if it will, and not clean it until after everybody leaves.

One of my favorite things... is chocolate-covered ice cream bars. We bought a box last night, and I just had my second one. Sometimes I only get one from a box, even though we buy the store brand which has more (smaller) bars. But this one was perfect!

A few plans for the rest of the week.... family and more family! And grocery shopping, and choir practice on Thursday. And Saturday 5PM is our parish's Confirmation mass. Choir sings, of course (with First Communion yesterday, that makes 3 choir masses in seven days...) But I am looking forward to hearing the bishop, because before he became a bishop he was pastor of this parish. He both baptized and confirmed Tirienne. And he's fun to play bridge with!

Here is a picture thought I am sharing.. This trail is actually in Texas, but it looks a lot like the one about half a mile from our house. We are having a lot of fun walking different parts of it and learning what all there is to see.

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