Tuesday, May 25, 2010

TUESDAY Daybook -- because I can!


For Today, May 25, 2010

Outside my window...sunshine, blue sky, and a light breeze. Which is good, because the indoor/outdoor thermometer says it is 85 in the shade.

I am thinking... that the hours I spent yesterday on the music sheets were worth it. They will be done by Thursday, but today I can blog and not think about them. Until tomorrow.

I am thankful for...the cool breezes blowing through my house. One thing I will never miss from our old house was the abyssmal ventilation. Three windows in the living room and none of them could be opened. And for you Southerners, no, we didn't have AC. Most years it's only "needed" for at most two weeks. Our town is one of the places where folks from the big city used to come to get away from the summer heat.

From the kitchen... leftovers tonight. But roast beef and apple pie on Thursday, and on Friday I'm trying a chile con queso recipe. We have been buying multiple jars of the commercial stuff, and it adds up.

I'm am wearing... pink floral tiered skirt, deep pink Tshirt, and my older SAS sandals. But I'm about to go put on shorts and do my exercises. :-(

I am creating... nothing much right now. But I saw a hat today that I'd like to recreate in crochet, and my favorite cotton-lace sweater is getting holes in the sleeves. So I'm thinking about a trip to the store...

I am going... to the Feast of the Sainte Claire this weekend. It's put on by a nearby museum, and draws reenactors from several states. We've taken our kids, and now our grandkids, since we only had two kids! (The link gives a slide show of pictures, which really gives a taste of the ambiance, except that you'll have to imagine the smell of wood smoke....)

I am reading... Holly Blues by Susan Wittig Albert. Garden variety mystery, with a very nice dose of returning characters other than the "detective". I plan to finish it tonight.

I am hoping...that Tracy and her family have a safe trip to visit their ailing relative, and that the visit is worth the looooong drive. I suspect it will be.

I am hearing... somebody's lawn mower. We are "in the country" enough that lots are large, and one mower or another is constantly going. On Sunday afternoon I could look out one window and see three people on riders.

Around the house... I have just finished putting the laundry away, and the place is mostly tidy. Kelson is sleeping (his usual after-school nap) on a couch in the basement. It's cooler down there.

One of my favorite things... is my big library book bag, which is sitting here next to me to remind me to hit the library tomorrow. Two of my books on hold became available at once. The bag is an LLBean extra-large tote, zipper top, natural with extra-long blue handles. They retail for around $40, but I payed $15 for mine because I got it at their outlet with somebody else's initials on it. My trusty seam-ripper took care of that.

A few plans for the rest of the week: Clean bathrooms tomorrow. Grocery shop Thursday. Finish music sheets. Await arrival of kids and grandkids on Friday. Feast of the Ste. Claire Saturday. Grill out twice. Collapse.

Words I'm pondering : "It's not how big our faith is, but how big God is."

Here is a picture thought I am sharing... and this happens a lot at our house...

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