Friday, May 14, 2010

Seven Quick Takes -- Loving the Laptop!

Seven Quick Takes are hosted by Jen.

1) This is the "laptop edition" of seven quick takes (even though all of them are done on my laptop now) because I actually took my laptop off my desk! Miriel is in the area until tomorrow on her break between internships, and has been spending the week with her sisters 100 miles from our new house. But today Roger and I pulled Kelson out of school -- it's "senior skip day" anyway -- and came down here for a last visit before she flies back. And I can still do this post without kicking anybody else off their computer. Hurrah for the laptop!

2) Speaking of "Senior Skip Day," does that happen where you live? None of our six kids has ever participated in this unauthorized holiday, but we have been assured that nothing will be happening in any of Kelson's classes anyway, so he isn't missing anything. (Since he has an aide hour, three AP classes -- and those exams are over -- and band, for which the end of season concert was last night, I'm pretty sure it's true.) I still felt a little underhanded when I called in his absence, even though the reason I gave -- to visit his sister -- is completely true.

3) Tonight we are all going to Potbelly for dinner. All of us love "belly-pot", which is what Camilla called it when she was learning to talk. Every time we go I think about ordering something different; I expect tonight I will once again have a "Wreck with provolone on wheat" (scroll down the link) and an Orangina. I'm either boring or consistent, depending on your point of view. ;-D

4) I hope we go relatively early, because I'm hoping to be hungry for some cookies later. Arwen baked oatmeal cookies this afternoon, and we have FINALLY solved the family dilemma of "raisins (them) versus no raisins (me)!" Craisins solved the problem! All hail the sweetened dried cranberry, restorer of family harmony!

5) Arwen and Blaise are taking a nap at the moment. This is possible because Camilla has two aunts, an uncle, and Grandpa to play with. Grandma is being boring and typing on her computer. But we are planning to go to the park later, so it's OK. Actually Grandma could be tempted into a nap herself, but not nearly as much as I could have yesterday. I have seasonal allergies, and yesterday was such a bad day that I took TWO (generic) Benadryl. Not a good idea! My nose stopped running, and my eyes stopped staying open without g-r-e-a-t effort. Next time I'll stick to one.

6) Branwen and her family are not here, because they are traveling again. Larry's youngest sister is graduating from college tomorrow, so they piled Daniel and Matthew into the van and are driving 11+ hours to be there. The boys other grandparents will be there, and some aunts and uncles, and they will all have a great time. And although some of you are cringing at the idea of 11 hours in the car with children, 90% of the drive is the same one we took to my home town a couple of times a year while our kids were growing up. It's beautiful country, with enough change to keep it from being too boring, and Branwen knows all the points of interest, like the tunnel under the mountain.... We'll find out on Monday how it went, but I expect the boys will have been fine.

7) I've been sitting here for 10 minutes now trying to figure out a topic for my last take, but I keep getting distracted by daughters and a granddaughter, so I'll just say "I love my family!" and see y'all here next week.

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Lindsay said...

I nearly always eat the same thing at every restaurant I go to (or fast food chain, ice cream place, &c.). I might change it up from time to time, especially at first, but I mentally create a hierarchy of preference for the food, and then I always stick to my favorite. My rationale is that if I'm going to spend money, I should spend it on what I perceive to be the best rather than second or third best. It drives my father crazy, but it makes sense to me.