Friday, October 01, 2010

Seven Quick Takes Friday , or HOW Long Has It Been Since I Did One of These??!!

1) Today is the first of October. I am reminded by the mail in my inbox that NaBloPoMo starts November 1st. In one month. Thirty posts in thirty days. I think I am posting more often and more regularly than I ever have before, but for some reason the 30/30 sounds scary this year. We shall see...

2) One post I will certainly be doing is the one hosting Word and Question/ The Poetry Game here for October. (Well, two, since I have to post my own poem.) The rules are here, and we would love to have more participants. So think about it, and please join in! Your word and question should be emailed to me by October 9th.

3) My husband is baking bread today. Eighteen loaves. (Yes, I know I'm spoiled!) Some of it we will freeze, and some of it will go to Branwen, for easy lunches for her boys. And some of it we will eat for dinner. Yum!

4) When I am finished with this post, I am going to go out and buy apples. This is sad. I phoned our regular u-pick orchard to find out what varieties were ready, and discovered that due to a badly-timed spring freeze, they don't have ANY. The apple crop in Michigan is off 50% this year, which explains why prices have been staying so high. But we have to have some apples, since Roger can't get along without his pies, so off to the Farmer's Market I go...

5) Our bird-feeder is getting a workout. We never had one at the old house, but Roger has so enjoyed watching the variety of birds we get that he went out and bought a new one when the one that came with the house broke. (I blame the squirrels.) Also a hummingbird feeder and a suet-cake cage. I am glad that unlike the dog and the cat they require no effort on my part, even if he's gone for a few days.

6) We have talked about giving away the dog and cat, especially when having to make arrangements for them foils the spontaneity of buzzing off to see the grandchildren for the weekend. We can think of somebody who might want Joe-dog, and we could get a self-feeder/waterer for Lucas-kitty, who doesn't need to be let out. But Roger would hate to separate them, so expect we will have pets until these (relatively young ones) die. And anyway, the grandchildren would miss them.

7) And we will be seeing some grandchildren later today! Branwen and Larry, Daniel, Matthew, and Lauren are coming for the weekend. (They are also bringing Tirienne, who I am going to help make fondant for a wedding cake she's doing for next weekend.) I'd better go make sure the guest room is ready! Lucas-kitty has taken to dragging random items in there, so there might be a cake of soap, or a chewed-up postcard, or ???

See you all next week, and Happy Feast of Saint Therese!

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Belfry Bat said...

Since you bring it up, on the matter of Word&Question, is there a convenient way to email you? On your blogger profile the "contact" information has a nonstandard protocol url; not an address I can send email to.

If you'd rather work things the other way 'round, contact my alter-id /dev/null and I'll get the message.

Salome Ellen said...

Oh, so sorry -- it was a matter of a box I hadn't checked. The email is up now....