Friday, November 05, 2010

Family Friday -- Quick Update

I'm struggling to get everything I need to do today done, so this will be brief. For those of you who have lost track, this is what my family is up to these days:

Roger and I are living with an empty nest, and busier than ever. Nobody told me that "no kids" didn't mean "more relaxed lifestyle."

Kelson is a freshman in college in Florida, where his sisters went, and loving it. He will be home for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm sure the animals will be excited!

Tirienne is still living with Arwen and Bryan and going to culinary school. She has pretty much settled on pastry as her field. Nobody is surprised.

Brandon is almost done with his time in Duluth, and will be home for both Thanksgiving and Christmas, due to a combination of moving time and accumulated leave. His new duty station is on an island on the Inside Passage in Alaska. He will love it there! (Actually, the weather is warmer than it is in Duluth.)

Miriel is living with some dear friends in Virginia and working as a research assistant to a constitutional law scholar at a non-profit in DC. This is all right up her alley, and will be much more fun for her now that she finally has a desk high enough to get her knees under. (I don't know if her predecessor was tiny, or just didn't mention it to anybody.)

Branwen and Larry are adjusting to life with three children. Judging by the number of adorable pink outfits Larry has bought for Lauren, I'd say he likes having a daughter! Daniel and Matthew continue to grow, and amaze us with their imaginations and abilities.

Arwen and Bryan continue to love their life, except when Bryan has to travel too much for business. Camilla is becoming quite the young lady, and Blaise's vocabulary is booming. He's not a baby any more! Which is good, because this family will be welcoming a new baby along about June. (I changed my header. Did anybody notice?!!) Six grandchildren will be wonderful!


Enbrethiliel said...


Six grandchildren will be wonderful! My grandparents got fifteen grandchildren from the four of their children who married, so you might be changing your header several more times as the years go by! ;-)

Charlotte said...

Too funny! I had been checking your header since Arwen announced her news a few weeks back! Blessings to you all!

Lindsay said...

Glad to hear everyone's doing so well!