Sunday, November 14, 2010

Sometimes Sundays are a Mixed Bag

So did you guys know that "a mixed bag" is actually a British hunting term? You might "bag a brace(pair) of pheasants," or if you shot a pheasant and a quail and a grouse, that would be a "mixed bag." Get it?

I got up early this morning (well, early for a Sunday, anyway) and made a cherry pie and a chicken pot-pie for Roger's birthday dinner. His birthday is actually tomorrow, but we celebrated today because it's more fun to have more than two people at a birthday party, and Branwen and her family were here.

Larry made his famous hash-browns for breakfast as a birthday treat, because most Sundays cooking breakfast is Roger's job. They were, as usual, awesome! Then choir sang at 11:30 mass, and unfortunately we were not in best form. Our best soprano AND main tenor had laryngitis and didn't come, some of us (me included) spaced out on just how we had "arranged" the communion hymn, and I at least felt like we couldn't really hear each other. Kind of like a big blob of fog had descended on our ears. The family assures me it "wasn't that bad," but it wasn't that good, either.

While we were waiting for the pot-pie to bake we played some bridge, which was somewhat interrupted because baby Lauren had gas and needed to be held. And then we had dinner and pie, and Branwen's family went home. And now I'm sitting at my computer writing a post, and while I'm not sure what all I have in the "bag" that's today, I know it's certainly mixed! See you all here tomorrow......


Charlotte said...

Perhaps it is something in the air as our choir was a little "off" today too. It sounds like a lovely weekend was had by all though!

Charlotte said...

I like the update. Are you as shocked as Arwen? Blessings.