Friday, November 12, 2010

Seven Quick Links Friday

Yesterday's post was so long I had no time for links, so today instead of writing quick takes I'm going to link them.

1. My longtime friend Ernesto (at our age we don't mention "old" friends...) posted a video on his blog showing Pope Benedict with the world's largest thurible. Be sure to watch well into the video, both to see how they swing it and for the expressions on the pope's face.

2. Brandon's friend Andy has a blog which I find hilarious, and not just because I know him. Check out his take on the subject of caffeine overdose. (Yes, I know he's referencing a sad story. Think of this as a Darwin Award, if you must.)

3. I missed this yesterday, but it made me cry today.

4. And if you haven't tried this game yet, be warned that I find it addictive.

5. If you love tea as much as I do, this site is a must! (Kate, I'm looking at you...) It makes me sad that most of the American public only knows Lipton, or at best blends and flavored teas. I saw a menu from "high tea" at a fancy hotel, and while the choices were a step up from, say, Bob Evans, I drink better tea at home every day. Admittedly, without the fancy sandwiches......

6. If you're ever stumped doing word games, this one's for you. But I think probably using it while playing "Words with Friends" qualifies as tacky.

7. And if you've ever wanted to try Gregorian chant for yourself, take a look at this. Kind of like "Sing Along with Mitch" for chant geeks. (And a couple of bonus links in case you're too young to know what I'm taking about.)

Seven Quick Takes is , as usual, hosted by Jen.

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Kate said...


I'm in a tea-funk because the local Whole Foods just stopped carrying PG Tips and so I had to spend twice as much money to buy half as much Twinings. Thanks for the link!