Saturday, November 27, 2010

NaBloPoMo Fail

So I didn't get a post up yesterday (and Thursday's was pre-scheduled.) And I've already backdated once (I won't tell you when...) So I've decided that since I'm only doing NaBloP for me, and I refuse to "cheat" that much, that I'm going to declare this a blogging "pulled muscle" and drop out of the race.

But don't worry. I intend to keep posting. I just am not going to beat myself up about enjoying my family instead of sitting at the computer. And that is all.


Lindsay said...

November and December are just difficult months to be able to get to the computer *to* blog every day. It'd be so much easier if June or March was chosen. This year, if I didn't cheat and backdate, I would've never gotten through. I just have too much going on. I agree, though, family definitely comes first. :o)

Patti Money said...

I "failed" at NaBloPoMo, too. And I didn't even think about back-dating. I'm thinking about trying again in December. Family is definitely more important!