Friday, November 07, 2008

Family Friday #1 -- Frustration

I was going to do a photo post of everybody, so that when I talk about them you'll have a mental image, but that's going to have to wait until I have tech support (like Tommy!) sitting next to me and helping me to get the pictures I want without linking to identifying information as well. Roger and George have Flickr accounts, and everybody is on Facebook, but I can't seem to do a transfer. Sigh. I have a file on my desktop, but it has unhelpful photo names like Variousphotos001.jpg.

Fortunately the family themselves are not frustrating, although some of them are frustrated! (Actually, pretty much everybody over two is frustrated by the election results, especially the passage of Proposal 2 here in Michigan.) Roger is frustrated because his small business is dead slow, not surprising in the Michigan economy. I am astounded that I am as calm as I am about our finances. I know that's the grace of God.

Arwen is blooming with our fourth grandchild. Bryan is enjoying the fruits of the garden they did last summer, and realizing that he has some of his Dad's family's green thumb. Camilla is grasping that "later" means something, to Arwen's great relief.

Rosie is enjoying having two boys, and cooking up a storm -- her
favorite domestic chore. Anthony is one of the leading salesmen at his company. Daniel is jabbering constantly, in complete if short sentences. I can have a conversation with him on the phone now! Matthew is growing like a weed, weighing much more than Daniel did at equivalent ages. Good thing Rosie is strong!

Maggie is in her senior year, and stressing about where and whether to do grad school. Unfortunately she got her anxious point of view from me :-( George is loving his job in the Coast Guard, and thinking about going for 20. He'd still only be 37 when he got out.

Katie is loving college, but not Latin. She's also in many activities. Tommy becomes a better drummer every day, and is a great kid except maybe when he hasn't had enough sleep. Lucas and Joe sleep half the day and fight the rest.

And that's the brief version of my family for this week!


Jen said...

I can't wait to see the photo post too! I love being able to put a face to the name. Seriously, I have considered emailing some of the anonymous bloggers I read and asking them to send me a picture of themselves. :)

Tracy said...

I loved reading this update. I loved it so much, I "borrowed" the theme :-). thanks for the idea!

Lindsay said...

If Maggie were completely calm, composed and unworried about whether and where to go to grad school, I'd be worried and say that she's not prepared for grad school. It's a big deal, and unless you absolutely love what you're doing and are completely committed to it, you shouldn't go to grad school. So many people go to grad school to escape the real world, and it's such a bad idea. It's so much work, even if you do love it. So, tell her that it's perfectly normal and it's a GOOD thing that she's going crazy. I know that going crazy shouldn't be comforting, but in this instance, it should be. ;) However, if she needs to talk about the GRE or the process or grad school or anything, I'm always available to commiserate--er, help.