Friday, November 28, 2008

Family Friday #4 -- Grandkids!

I'm taking a lazy day today. Partly because Roger is doing a bread-baking marathon in the kitchen (he's shooting for five six-loaf batches, most of which will go home with our kids), and partly because I'm not quite sure how much sleep I will get tonight. We are having a first-ever event: a grandchildren sleep-over!

Both Daniel and Camilla (and Matthew for that matter, but he's too young to participate) have slept at our house before, with their parents. Both of them pretty much consistently sleep through the night in their own beds. But neither of them has ever slept overnight anywhere without at least one parent nearby.

So this may be almost a non-event, in which case it will become a regular thing. Or it may be a cause of major "trauma", including middle of the night calls to parents. (Because Maggie and Katie are both home, the married kids are staying elsewhere this trip.) What is for sure is that both couples are going to get some alone time, with Rosie and Anthony retrieving Matthew after a couple of hours. And I will have a chance to read approximately 142 Dr. Seuss books, with two two-year-olds on my lap. Or maybe just Fox in Socks 142 times. Lovely!


Jen said...

Hop on Pop is better than Fox in Socks. :) Good luck!

Ellen said...

Have so much fun!