Saturday, November 29, 2008

Sloppy Saturday #4 -- Sleepover Report

Well, it went as well as could be expected for a couple of two-year-olds who have never spent a night away from both parents at the same time. There was a melt-down at bed time, but all was saved by the combined efforts of Aunt Maggie and a judicious application of Davy Jones singing "Personal Penguin" combined with the iTunes visualizer. About 8 hours of mostly uninterrupted sleep was enjoyed by all. (The parents, at least the ones without the four-month-old, enjoyed even more! ;-D )

We will definitely do it again. And everybody, grandparents included, will probably take a nice long nap this afternoon!


Lindsay said...

Excellent. I'm still surprised that you managed to take this on in such close proximity to the holiday. I'm glad it was successful.

Jen said...

It sounds very successful! I hope the naps were good!