Saturday, November 15, 2008

Sloppy Saturday #2 -- Computer Gaming Edition

Well, the tech problem is solved, by eliminating the domain entirely. I'm not sure what this means in the techie world, but for me it means reconfiguring things and re-entering my passwords again, which I had to do only a couple of months ago when the server gave up the ghost. (And I'm hearing ominous noises from my hard drive, which may mean doing it again in a couple of months.)

But the bright side of this is that I now have an updated version of Digger! I got hooked on this game back in the 1980's, when Roger had the privledge of bringing home his work "portable" computer, a Compaq 1, which was the size of a large suitcase, had a monochrome-green screen about eight inches across, and weighed so much that you canted to one side when you carried it. At some point after the computers which supported the original game died of old age, Alawar released an updated version, which was one of my Christmas presents a number of years ago. Every time we've had a major system change, that's been one of the codes I've had to reload. But when the server crashed, I could no longer get it to work.

This morning when I was reloading other game codes, I came across the Digger shortcut in my games folder. I tried the code again -- same luck as last time -- and in desperation went to the Alawar site, thinking maybe I could download it afresh and try the code again. It was gone! There was, however, something called Digger Adventures, with a one hour free trial, so I downloaded that. It turns out to be Digger with upgrades to the graphics. And my old registration code works!!!

I have, of course, a bunch of other computer games I love, from the assorted card games that come with ther machine to Sky Bubbles, Snood Slide, Super Text Twist and Peggle. What do you play?

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Jen said...

I don't play many computer games now. But your old computer description made me think of the computer we had when I was little. My parents had a coloring game on it for me, but it was hooked up to an old black and white TV instead of a monitor, so I could only color using shades of gray.