Thursday, November 27, 2008

Tip-Line Thursday #4-- Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving! I hope all your days have been as peaceful and blessed as mine has. We had an "early" dinner -- 1 PM -- so that Arwen and her family could eat again at six at her in-laws. Everything was done on time, everything was delicious, our daughters (Maggie and Katie) who are away at college made it home, albeit with a "lost luggage" delay and well after midnight. Furthermore, Arwen and Rosie, who had a stomach bug yesterday, were recovered enough to enjoy the feast.

And so here's my Thanksgiving tip, for every year: NOT every year will be like mine this year! The turkey will cook too fast, or too slow. Somebody's flight will be canceled. Somebody else will have the flu. Some years this will happen all at once!

But all the things throughout the year that we have to be thankful for are not negated by that. Even if the turkey burns to a crisp, we can be thankful that our week's nutrition wasn't depending on that turkey. A flight that's canceled beats a flight that crashes! And if the illness is severe or even terminal, we can rejoice in the good things that person has brought into our lives. In other words, we can choose to look at the doughnut, not the hole!

Happy THANKSgiving!


Jen said...

Happy Thanksgiving to you! Mine was lovely and low-key. :)

Lindsay said...

I'm glad you managed to get through it!