Monday, November 17, 2008

Musical Monday #3 -- genres

In general, I am at least a partial fan of all genres of music. (The exception is rap, which to my ears isn't music at all, although I am willing to acknowledge a possible cultural bias.) That's not to say I like all of every genre; I definitely prefer Vivaldi to Brahms, or The Sons of the Pioneers to Dolly Parton, for that matter. But there are a couple of genres that I actively like which will probably surprise you -- ska and techno.

I posted the Wikipedia links to both of those genres, but honestly, the histories are not something I'm at all familiar with. I just know that when I say to Tommy or George "I like that! What is it?", those are the answers I'm most likely to get. I am familiar with one "Christian ska" band, Five Iron Frenzy. I'd link to a song, but since the only ones I recognize for sure are on George's iPod, I'm having trouble finding them on the appropriate albums.(George, if you read this, please provide a link in the comments, preferably to that song I used to always notice while driving you to school.....) Anyway, I DO know what I like about ska: the syncopated feel and the brass-heavy instrumentals. Of course I like those things no matter what genre I'm listening to, and sometimes identify something as ska when it's not, to the scorn of my sons. I guess I don't know art, but I know what I like! ;-D

I do remember my first exposure to techno. I just didn't know what it was. All of my kids have been in the marching band, and I've chaperoned band camp enough times that I'd have to put more effort than I care to into figuring out how many. But one feature of every band camp (along with a talent show and "band olympics") is the Thursday night dance. This particular year, the drum line instructor was serving as DJ. I had no idea what he was playing, but unlike the other parents, I liked it! My current favorite song (which is not exactly new) is Technologic, by Daft Punk. There's a great video (not the official one) on YouTube.

Now obviously I can't recommend every song in these genres. I'm sure some of them are verbally offensive, and I know some of them are musically deficient. But if you've never listened to either of these genres, I think you should give them a try!


George said...

Here is the song you mean. And the video for it, in all it's 1995 gloriousness.

Jen said...

I like ska, but I am not a huge techno fan. I always have to ask my husband what kind of music I like though. I am not musically inclined at all. :)