Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tip-Line Thursday #2 -- Computer Storage

To start off with, I have a very important tip for you -- never set yourself up for something you don't think you're good at just because somebody else thinks it's a good idea! My post topics for the other days of the week were easy to come up with, but as you know, I struggled with Thursday. A couple of people suggested giving tips; hence, Tip-line Thursday. But last week's Thursday post was the hardest one I've written all month, and I've been dreading today's. Live and learn, or at least I hope I learn.

What I can do is tell you some things that work for me. (There's actually a "Works-for-me-Wednesday" at another blog.) And this week my topic is computer storage. (No, not the technical stuff! I leave that to the geeks in this family who happen to have y-chromosomes.) I'm talking about storing useful information.

For example, I tend to be very tradition-oriented. I think I've mentioned before that our Thanksgiving menu, for example, tends to be cast in stone. I combined the best parts of Roger's and my families staples, and on Thanksgiving Day, that's whats for dinner. (Arwen and Rosie would like more variety, and next year when they cook dinner, they can have it.) But one of the things I like about this is that I have everything stored on my computer -- menu, shopping list, basic timetable of what needs to be done how far before dinner time. I print it out every year, and while I have work to do, I essentially don't have to think.

I also have things stored for Christmas, and for the Easter breakfast party we throw every year, plus some idiosyncratic family holidays. Even when I do want to change things, I know what I'm changing them from. People who enjoy change could probably use a variation of this system to know what not to repeat.

So, although I don't know what I'll be posting about next Thursday, I do know what's for dinner the Thursday after that! See you here tomorrow.

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Jen said...

I've got the same types of menus and plans stored on my computer for Thanksgiving and Christmas. I'm still revising them though.