Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Whatcha Readin' Wednesday #3

Well, I finished the Foreigner series. Even though there are nine books (three "trilogies"), it wouldn't surprise me at all if Cherryh comes out with another one, or even another set. There were just too many ends left hanging to consider it "done." Of course, she has several other "worlds" going (this is the only one I really like), so it may take a while... And if it takes years, I'll still be excited when it comes out.

I know that because Elizabeth Peters just came out with a new book in her Vicky Bliss series after fourteen years! Furthermore, she tied it in to her Amelia Peabody books -- but I won't tell you how. Read either series in publication order for the most enjoyment. (Now if she'd just write another Jacqueline Kirby........)

I am currently reading Death Lights a Candle, one of the Phoebe Atwood Taylor books I mentioned last week, I'm pretty sure I know how the poison was administered, even though the characters are currently clueless, but I don't know
who or why. But it's such a great period piece that I'm probably going to read all of them just for the ambiance.

The two-week books I got last week are not so hot, and will probably go back unread. One of them might be fun for anybody who likes golf, but I think it might have been self-published, because I can't find a link. I picked it up because it mentions Frederick MD, which is where my brother works and is also the home of Barbara Mertz/ Elizabeth Peters. How's that for a small world?


Lindsay said...

The biggest reason I am looking forward to being out of grad school is the ability to read for fun at night again. I can to a degree now, but I'm extremely limited. I have to read stuff online (I like having a physical book), because I cannot allow myself to go crazy and buy books, and it takes too much time to go somewhere to get books to read for fun. The library here on campus isn't that great, and the BPL is too far away to walk regularly when I have so much work and so many commitments. :o( I do need to go, though...

Jen said...

You are making me want new books! I've been doing all re-reading lately and while I love that, now I want something new.