Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Catalogs

I am posting from Arwen's house, where Thanksgiving dinner preparations are well under way. (Yes, I know it's only Wednesday, but there is no possible way we could do everything in one day and still be thankful when we sat down to eat!) I always think I will be able to do some pleasure reading while I am here, but the chunks of time are just too small, unless you count the third run-through of The Cat in the Hat as pleasure reading.

Fortunately, I brought along a huge stack of catalogs; you know, the ones everyone is buried under at this time of year. (And spell-check just made me take the "ue" out of catalogues -- guess I'm just old-fashioned.) At any rate, glancing at three ridiculously priced items that I can't imagine anyone ever wanting, let alone needing, is about the speed of my reading right now.

And the sweet potatoes are ready to be peeled and mashed, so I'll see ya later.....

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